Gym Talk: Melody Smith
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Hello Gym Talk Fans!!

This is Senior Melody Smith coming to you live from Centenary Gymnastics study hall! Last week you heard from my fellow senior and roommate Steph, and she told you all about our landmark day and doing our first full routines of the year! They were truly awesome! Everyone's hard work really showed through in our routines! I'm so Proud of my Ladies! It's only gonna go up from here! Whoop whoop!

This week the Ladies worked really hard to improve/perfect our routines!  Almost everyone on our team has new skills in their routines this year so right now is our prime time for working on getting our new skills consistently beautiful!  We think the best way to accomplish this is using Mental Choreography (or as we call it MC), so that was a HUGE focus for us this week.  MC is just words that we think during our skills.  These words can be encouraging words or correction words; it just depends on what the individual Lady needs.  But we use these words so that we can stay calm and focus on our individual skills while we are under pressure (like a meet).

This weekend was a very eventful one for the Ladies!  We had three recruits come and visit, also we had a bunch of alumni in town for Centenary's Homecoming Weekend!  It was so FUN! On Saturday, we were able to take the recruits to see the intramural basketball game, swim meet, alumni soccer game, and the alumni baseball game.  After that they were able to watch our awesome practice!  The recruits weren't the only people that watched our practice; several of the girl's parents and gymnastics alumni came and watched too!  Some of them I had never met before, so it was really awesome to be able to meet them and hang out with some of my old teammates!  I miss them so much!  But all of us current Ladies really enjoyed showing off our new cool routines to them!

For Sunday's practice, we decided to do "meet hair and makeup" for the first time this year!  Steph and I had several of the Freshman come and get ready at our place so we could teach them how the Ladies get ready for meets!  It was really cool to be able to show them how it's done!  Not only did we do meet hair and makeup at practice, but also on every event we picked our own lineup (who we think are the best 6 girls on our team on that event) and did show routines!  This was great practice for our inter-squad that is coming this Sunday! It went really awesome and it helped us point out exactly where we need to work on our MC so we can be ready this Sunday! 

I am so excited for my last "first inter-squad of the year" ever!  I know that we are really going to shock our viewers with how much we have improved since last year!  This inter-squad is open to the public so everyone should come!  It is at Jill's Gymnastics at 1:30 this Sunday, November 13!!  The more people that come the better!  Hope to see you there!! Have a great week Gym Talk fans and be sure to tune in next week to see how our inter-squad went!