Gym Talk with Coach Jackie
Gym Talk with Coach Jackie
Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello Centenary gym fans!

This is Coach Jackie coming to you with our latest edition of Gym Talk.  I am now in my second year here at Centenary, and boy has it been a whirlwind of a year!  There is just one exciting thing after another happening here at Centenary College.

After our unbelievable season last year, where we set an incredible 53 individual career highs and scored the highest team score Centenary has seen in six years, I was anxious for our team to get back to campus for the school year to begin. I couldn’t wait to see how they all did with their training over the summer.  And, of course, I was looking forward to all the amusing stories about their antics from the summer as well :>)  We had a few injuries over the summer, but other than Amanda’s surgery on her knee, nothing too major.  Everyone is starting to get back into gymnastics now though and we have a pretty healthy outlook (knock on wood).

The team came back ready and pumped to have another great season, and prepared to welcome our seven new freshman; Stephanie, Casie, Kellie, Megan, Rachel, Ronni and Rachael.  It is always fun to get to know the newest members of the team and this year has been no exception!  The seniors and captains had a few activities planned for the beginning of the year and they also named the big sisters to our “freshies.”  We have since settled in and are well into our school year.  As a matter of fact this past week and a half has been pretty rough for the girls academically with a lot of mid-term tests, papers and presentations due.

The team has been doing voluntary morning conditioning a couple of times a week and from what I hear they have been working very hard.  It is really starting to show in their gymnastics as many of them are starting to look great in the gym!  They are throwing some new skills, becoming very consistent with old skills (and some new ones too) and are generally looking really good.  We are definitely showing improvement on every event, but especially on bars right now.  We have eight people consistently catching “D” release skills in combinations, which is absolutely awesome!  Christy Martinez is leading the way on bars right now but not far behind are Robyn, Stephanie, Sylvia, Casie, Jess, Rachel and Amanda (who is just returning from knee surgery, but can swing bars!).  A few of them are also working on some bigger dismounts, so we’ll see how those come along as the semester progresses.

Vault is starting to show promise as the girls are getting stronger; we have all of our 10.0 vaults back from last year and are hoping to add a few more.  We are doing a lot of drills and working on spatial awareness so we are clean in the air and can find our landings!  Beam is going to be strong as well; those Ladies are some fantastic beam workers and are just rocking on beam!  We have some freshman who should be ready to step into line-up on this event with Stephanie and Kellie really responding positively to our beam system!  Beam is going to be very deep for this team and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out as we get closer to season starting.  I anticipate we will have at least 12 gymnasts who will compete for beam line-up!

Floor is just going to be amazing!  We have all of our floor people back from last year except one, and some of our freshies are going to be pushing those upper-classmen.  We have some outstanding tumbling going on and I can’t wait to get our new floor routines started!  I think floor will potentially be our strongest event this year if our big guns stay healthy.

The team is getting ready for fall break next week, and they will have a few days to go home if they want.  I know some of them are really looking forward to seeing their families and showing off at their home gyms :>). When they get back, we have several recruits coming in for visits (we’ve had two already earlier in the semester) and we are looking forward to showing off our beautiful campus and our fun team to them, hoping they will all fall in love with Centenary as each of the current team members did!

As you can see, I am super excited about this team and the great things they are going to do this year!  Our seniors, Jess, Meg, Christy and Amanda are really showing their Centenary pride by leading the way for this team.  I know they want to make this year one to remember.  We have the opportunity to host both our conference and the national championships at home this year, so we are working hard to represent Centenary in a great way! 

That’s all for this Gym Talk, but be sure to check in weekly as the Lady gymnasts keep you updated on the latest team happenings!

Coach Jackie