Gym Talk with Meg Crowley
Gym Talk with Meg Crowley
Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey Centenary gym fans! I’m back! I hope you have enjoyed reading all of the wonderful Gym Talks written by the other three seniors and Coach Jackie. I am sure that you all feel like you are a part of the team after reading them!

This year has been so exciting because everyday and every week we are making improvements! I love going into the gym to see what new things my fellow Ladies are doing that day. We really have some power on this team. The whole team stops to watch Kellie do her vaults because they are so HUGE! The whole vaulting line up is working on twisting. The bar stars continue to make strides forward everyday. This past week Christy and Robyn both connected their jaegers to overshoots. Jess’s double layout dismounts are looking amazing. Everyone else is continuing to catch their release moves and our upgraded dismounts are improving daily. Everybody is starting to become more consistent on beam. The freshmen have especially noticed improvements in their consistency after learning and mastering their base series. Our tumbling has been looking amazing! Each day it’s becoming easier to do our skills and we’re starting to go for the hits!

We have been working hard inside the gym and outside of the gym at our voluntary morning conditioning, and it is really showing in our gymnastics as you can tell by all of the improvements we are making. Because we have been working hard, Coach Jackie decided to reward us by making breakfast for us. So when I got to the Fit Center Thursday morning for our usual voluntary conditioning, I told everyone to meet us outside.  They were all making faces and whispering about what they were going to have to do that morning….were we going to run, do sprints, run hills?  They just didn’t expect the seniors to be sitting there in their cars ready to take them to breakfast at ‘the love shack’!  (That’s the alias for Coach Jackie’s house!).  She made us breakfast burritos and they were delicious, and it was a welcome surprise for the team! 

Every Sunday is theme day for our gymnastics class since it’s the only time we are all together. This Sunday it was gangster day. Check out our Facebook page to see the team dressed up as gangsters! Also this week Coach Jackie was out of town, so gymnastics alumnus Marisa and her husband Devon coached our Sunday class. It was a lot of fun having them in the gym! It is always great to have a fresh set of eyes watching our gymnastics and giving us corrections. Another gymnastics alumnus Denise Cook came to visit Sunday as well. She works as a registered dietician in Shreveport, and she came in to talk to us about nutrition. Denise had some great advice on how to eat so we can be at our peak performance!

I’m so excited for this year! Our team is looking awesome and I’m looking forward to all the continued progress we will make! Thanks for reading and be sure to check in next week for Tawnee’s Gym Talk!