Gym Talk with Tawnee Hadd
Gym Talk with Tawnee Hadd
Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello my name is Tawnee Hadd I am a junior on the gymnastics team. I’m excited to get the opportunity to write Gym Talk this week! This week was pretty short for us. Centenary started fall break on Wednesday.

The team was very focused and hard working for our last two open gyms, and one morning conditioning session before fall break. Before we ventured out to family and love ones, not only did we have great workouts, but we had some fun too. Tuesday morning conditioning was an example of this: we played a little Ultimate Frisbee. This was a lot of fun and a little team bonding mixed with a great workout. Wednesday came and we all said goodbye to each other for the weekend.

A few weeks before fall break we have to turn in an assignment for our class. It is our “personal break workouts.” This lets Coach Jackie know the things we playing on working throughout our break. This keeps us focused and determined while we are at home, so when we come back from break we are ready to start practice with the team without hesitation. While most got to go home, I went to Robyn’s house to enjoy the weekend with her and her family in Arkansas. When you’re used to spending good time and hard times with girls every second of the day, it’s so hard to leave them, even just for a long weekend. Going to the gym just isn’t the same without your crazy teammates cheering you on, making you laugh, or helping you through a rough day! It was nice getting a webcam call from Casie and Kellie almost every night, as well as texting and calling other teammates throughout the whole weekend.

Although texting, calling and Skyping help, sometimes it just isn’t enough. I can’t wait to get back to Shreveport and be reunited with my team and start working hard to achieve goals we have set for the year. Stay tuned for next week’s gym talk from another fellow junior!


J Tawnee