Gym Talk with Meg Crowley
Gym Talk with Meg Crowley
Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hello to all you Ladies gymnastics fans! This week has been a great week for Ladies! We have started our final push before season. We only have two weeks before finals and we all go home for Christmas break, so Coach Jackie is making sure every moment counts. Monday morning we went to LSU Shreveport to do underwater weighing. It was just for our knowledge; so now we all know what we need to improve on to reach our optimal fitness levels! Tuesday morning was great because we all got to sleep in. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving we met all of the individual goals that Coach Jackie had given us, so we were rewarded with no Tuesday morning conditioning!

We were putting together routines and working on consistency this week to get ready for our intra-squad on Sunday. On beam one day we had to do a competition set and then make three routines in a row. We had quite a few making machines as we like to call it on beam that day. Kellie, Tawnee, Robyn and I all made our competition sets and the first three routines after that! Everyday we are in the gym more routines are being put together and skills are becoming easier and more consistent.

Sunday was the day of our intra-squad in front of judges. We arrived at Jill’s early to set up the gym and warm up before we competed. This intra squad was a great way to start our season because it was in the comfort of our practice gym, but we had the pressure of having judges and loyal fans there to watch us. We started out on vault. Vault has really improved for us since last season. We now have six 10.0 start value vaults! A few of us in the vault line up got some competition jitters and rushed our vaults, but Coach Jackie knew we could make them; so she let us have another try. We don’t get second chances in meets usually, so we made sure to use this one! Those of us who retried our vaults definitely made improvements the second time around! Next we went to bars. Bars is not our strongest event, but we have some really great routines with new combinations that are really helping our scores! I myself even made an appearance in the bar lineup for the first time in my college career! Christy’s bar routine stole the show on bars! It was a beautiful routine and she earned the highest score on bars!

Beam was a great event for us. Probably our best event of the day! We have really been working hard on our consistency and confidence on beam, and it showed in our competition sets. We had some distractions in the gym, but everyone remained focused on the task at hand. The mental and physical work we have been doing for beam has really paid off!

We ended on our intra squad on floor. This year many people are working on new upgraded passes or ending with harder passes. We also have a lot of new routines so keep an eye out for those at our first home meet! Robyn added a double pike to her routine, which she nailed. She definitely deserved the high score on floor! There were a few falls on floor, but over all these Ladies were flying high in their tumbling!

We had some mistakes at this intra squad, but it was a great starting point for us! Especially since we have made so many upgrades in routines since last season! The judges gave us some great feedback of things we can improve on, so we’ll definitely be working on those corrections this week in the gym. We are starting off stronger than we did last year, so I cannot wait to see what this season hold for us! Freshmen will be writing the Gym Talk for next week, so make sure you look for it! Thanks for reading!