Gym Talk with Jessica Lieblich
Gym Talk with Jessica Lieblich
Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gym Talk

Hey Centenary friends and family! I’m Jessica here to bring you all the awesome Centenary Gymnastics news! We have been working hard these past few weeks as well as enjoying our friends and family during the Holiday season. We had been studying hard for finals trying to get in last minute papers and projects and also reviewing for our final tests. During finals week, Jackie allowed us to have open gym where we could work on anything we thought needed improving or to just keep in shape during that week. We also conditioned in and out of the gym doing insanity and other interval training.

The team pushed through making it through finals and then we were able to relax for Christmas! We all traveled home to spend Christmas with our families. It was so great to have the opportunity to relax our brains for a few weeks and only focus on improving in the gym. While at home, we practiced at our home gyms where we were able to visit old teammates and coaches. I personally love to workout at my home gym because I get to tell my young teammates cool stories about gym or just the college experience and then I get to see the awesome new skills that they have learned in the gym! Jackie had us create our own workout plan that would be best for where we are at personally. It gave us the opportunity to work the skills that we know need improvements. She gave us an outline of the workouts that she wanted us to do such as core, cardio, gym, or conditioning for certain days.

Time at home was nice and relaxing but it was also filled with memorable events. The Christmas that I experienced will definitely be one that will not be forgotten. I heard from my brother a couple of days before, that we may get a white Christmas. This made me quite excited since I have never experienced this before because I have lived in the South all my life. Christmas day came and it seemed like it was going to be a normal Christmas filled with the joy of giving and receiving, but then it began to rain. This rain then began to turn to sleet and before we knew it, snow was falling from the sky. We all were so excited to have a white Christmas! As the day progressed however, the snow just kept on coming. We were expected to get four to six inches and we thought that we would probably get less. But it seemed to be a blizzard outside! It just kept coming so we went outside to experience that magic of it all. This magic was short lived when all of a sudden our electricity went out in our house. We had a bunch  of candles around the house, so we were prepared, but we were still in the middle of cooking our Christmas meal. We thought that the electricity may come back soon, so we waited for a bit. After waiting quite a while, we decided that it may be out all night, so we got out the camping stove and started cooking! We also had some food that was somewhat cooked that seemed to be edible. So our Christmas meal consisted of propane stove cooked ham and veggies and also half cooked stuffing and pumpkin pie around our fire place. I definitely pictured our Christmas dinner a bit different, but it worked. A couple hours later, we were lucky to have our electricity back up and running. We enjoyed that rest of the night having fun in the snow and playing with our new gifts. This Christmas was one that won’t be forgotten!

The Centenary Ladies have enjoyed an amazing break at home enjoying Christmas, but now we are ready to get back together to get ready for our upcoming competitions. They are coming quickly, but we will put our best effort in not only physically but also mentally to become the best possible team when we have our first meet in 17 days!