GymTalk: Sylvia Keiter
GymTalk: Sylvia Keiter
Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello Ladies Fans! This is junior (wow that’s weird to say) Sylvia Keiter coming to you with the latest news on your favorite college gymnastics team!

The team had a pretty busy weekend with helping out with the Book Bazaar and some class work in between. Everyone seems to be hitting it off with each other which is great, especially since it is so early in the year! We started the weekend off with a birthday dinner for my fellow classmate, Noel Stubbs. Going into a confined space with 18 girls is never quiet, but very fun!

When you think of doing gymnastics on a Saturday night it really seems like such a drag, but not for the Ladies! We went in for an open gym and hit the ground running! Like every year during this time, we start off with basics, just to get back in competition shape and dust off some of the rust. Although some skills are a little bit scary, everyone is taming that beast and taking control! I don’t think there’s any greater feeling than when you are training something difficult but all you can hear is the roar of your teammates cheering you on and it just makes that task so much easier.

Be on the lookout for big and exciting things Ladies fans! We’ve got the eye of the tiger and we’re on the hungry for success!

Until next time,

Sylvia Keiter

(Big Syl)