GymTalk: Stephanie Strickler
GymTalk: Stephanie Strickler
Friday, October 4, 2013

Hey Ladies Gymnastics fans!  This is sophomore Stephanie Strickler coming to you this week with the latest news on the Centenary Gymnastics team.

Last Wednesday the Ladies had a meeting about our nutrition with Mrs. Denise Cook.  Denise is a former Lady gymnast so she understands the stress and demands of the busy schedule that comes with being a collegiate athlete. We all brought in healthy snack ideas and questions for Mrs. Denise, and talked about how we could make the healthiest choices for the amount of exercise we do.   I definitely think having this meeting has given us some helpful tips and ways to eat healthy and keep ourselves fueled and ready to go. With her nutrition tips, I’m sure the Ladies will be in top shape this season!

We have also been working very hard on Tuesday and Thursday morning conditionings.  On Tuesdays, we meet up at Captain Shreve track to work on some sprinting and stadium training.  Last Thursday, we did our first Insanity work out of the year and killed it!  This has really paid off in the gym as we did our first floor conditioning routines last Sunday in practice, and they were surprisingly easy for this time of the year!  Everyone’s gymnastics is really looking stronger and coming easier as well, this is really exciting to see our hard work paying off in a big way.

Our next landmark day is coming up next week so we are pushing hard in the gym as well.  These are dates we have chosen to hit certain goals through-out the fall pre-season in order to keep us on track for being ready for our first meet on January 10th at LSU!  We have started half sets and endurance routines and everyone is really looking great.  We are so excited to be putting half routines together and see how everyone is progressing.

We really hit the ground running this year and things just keep looking better!  We are making leaps and bounds individually and as a team each and everyday!  Everyone is working so hard, and I’m looking forward to an AMAZING season with this incredible team! Tune into next week’s Gym Talk for more exciting news about your Ladies!