Hall of Fame Legacy
Hall of Fame Legacy
Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SHREVEPORT, La. – As the Centenary women’s soccer team prepares for the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Championship, the 40-plus year career of one of Centenary’s very own winds down. Centenary Hall of Fame member and head coach Glenn Evans concludes his tenure with his alma mater this year and bids farewell to a school, fans, and players he has dedicated his life to for many seasons.

Earlier this season, alumni gathered back on campus for an alumni weekend in which Evans was “roasted” by former players as part of the festivities.  Austin College honored Evans on Friday, November 1, with “Glenn Evans Day” as he led the Ladies into competition for the last time in a regular season contest and the final one in Sherman, Texas. The weekend prior, the 2013 Ladies presented him and his wife with a gift of their appreciation for all his years of service to not only them but also the Ladies and Gents who had come before.

Words cannot truly express what Evans has meant to the people he has touched in his time coaching, especially at Centenary.

“Coach Evans has been my coach, a mentor, a peer and a friend. I try to model myself after him as a professional. His leadership and personality will always be the foundation for the Ladies and Gents soccer program. He is truly an icon as his legacy will always live on through Centenary College Soccer.” – David Orr, Centenary Head Men’s Soccer Coach and Gents soccer 1992-94, 1996

"There are so many positive things that can be said about Coach Evans as a coach and a person. He has been such a great influence to so many student-athletes as well as faculty and staff at Centenary. For me, being a young coach, it has been so nice to have someone like Coach Evans to talk to about situations on my team or in coaching. His accomplishments speak for themselves, but Coach Evans' total positive impact on Centenary College and the community is simply immeasurable. And even though Coach is retiring from being Head Women's Soccer Coach, I have a feeling he'll still be around asking... popcorn, candy, soft drink... What can I get for you?" – Kristen Davis, Centenary Head Women’s Basketball Coach

“I was the captain, the only senior and the only local player on the inaugural women's team. It was an honor and as a coach who has garnered many awards in my career, getting to speak on Coach Evans behalf at his retirement banquet is probably the most humbling honor I have been given. I am so much the woman, coach, mentor, community leader, etc. today for the impact that Coach has on my life. He has been a great leader in so many of our lives and has coached us to way more awesome things than just soccer.  He has been the Father that many of us never had. He has been a Godly example of someone who pushed us to be better than we ever could have been on our own. Coach has always been a constant in many of our lives, being there through the great times and the tough times. While he may not have always agreed with some of the choices some of us made in our lives, he has loved us as his sons and daughters nonetheless.  I was obviously there when Coach coached his first women's game in 1992. Heck! My claim to fame is that I scored the first goal in the history of the women's program, the game winner against the university of West Florida, at Centenary.” – Shelley McMillian, Ladies soccer 1992

“My first year at Centenary followed a particularly difficult year for the Soccer team.  They had had one of their worst seasons and it was greatly due to the extracurricular activities of the team members.  I had always been good friends with my coaches in the past and Coach Evans was no exception.  I respected him as a Coach but more importantly as a mentor and as a man.

In our first meeting as a team just before starting two-a-days, which somehow had three practices a day; Coach talked about the previous year and those things would be different this year.  We were asked to sign a contract, which I can relate to now as a covenant, which stated we would not drink any alcohol AT ALL during the season and that we would meet our curfew every night.  He said. 'To DO BETTER, we have to BE BETTER.'  I realized then that what he meant was that it takes more than just hard work; sprinting and drills; to be a better team but as individuals we had to be strong in mind and hold each other accountable…just like a church community does.  I had t-shirts made that said ‘No Beer, No Hair, No Care’ to help bring the team together through symbolism and have fun with it.  Who knew shaving our heads then would be a sign of the times for me now?

I was one of a handful of players that held out for the entire length of that covenant because I gave my word. I wanted Coach to have my respect and I wanted to attempt to reach his level of Integrity.  A man’s word is only as good as his actions.  I build my life and raise my children upon that foundation, which was in a large part instilled by great men in my life; one of which was Coach Evans.” – Dan Warren, Gents soccer 1993-96

"Coach Evans will be sorely missed. His commitment, dedication, and knowledge of Centenary College and soccer have spanned many classes and teams.  It will be difficult to replace him as a coach and impossible to replace him as a person.   On behalf of Centenary College, the soccer programs and the Department of Athletics we say a special thanks to Coach Glenn Evans for his time and service." – Ronda Seagraves, Centenary Director of Athletics and Wellness

“Coach Evans will easily always be one of the most influential people in my life. His commitment to Centenary and to his players is remarkable. I was fortunate to have been one of 'his gals' during my stint at Centenary. From playing in a lake at North Dakota State, to stopping to search for alligators on the side of the interstate, and to riding in the 'safe' van, my time with Coach Evans will remain close to my heart forever.” – Candace Rushing, Ladies soccer 2007-2011

“I love him. He is a good man.” Steven Fath, Gents soccer 1984-85, 1987-88

“Coach Evans defines Centenary College's soccer program.  He was influential in recruiting me to play there and I truly give him credit for all of the wonderful friendships and memories I have as it relates to soccer at Centenary. He has a huge heart and treated all of us 'Ladies' as if we were his own daughters. “-Heather Kasparek Hennings, Ladies soccer 2003-2006

“Coach Evans was told not to recruit me. That I would never make it!  Coach Evans did and I graduated in four years!” – Craig W. Johnson, Gents soccer 1993-96

“Coach Evans has this unique quality to serve his players as a coach, as a mentor, a father-figure and a friend, all during our short time as student-athletes.” – Curtis Partain, Gents soccer 1989-92

“Coach Evans really helped to shape me. If it was not for him I might not be where I am. He will know what that means.” – Charles Mentesana, Gents soccer 1991-94

“In my years here at Centenary, of course, I knew of Coach Evans, who hasn’t? But it wasn’t until coming over to work in the Athletics Department that I really knew what a great guy he is and why everyone on campus has such respect for him. It has been a joy working with Glenn and I have to admit, I will miss him coming to work in the morning with his “Happy Monday” and his “funny and educational” jokes sent to my email. I wish him the best in his retirement, but hope he won’t be a stranger to the athletic department. Love you, Glenn!” - Theresa Rinaudo, Athletics Administrative Assistant