GymTalk: Robyn Price
GymTalk: Robyn Price
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hi Centenary gymnastics fans!

This is Senior, Robyn Price bringing you the latest updates of our Ladies gymnastics team.   Our team is making great strides as we are preparing for our first meet in January at LSU.  This week, many of my teammates had new floor routines choreographed.  New floor routines are so much fun to watch! We get to see new personalities pop out of each gymnast as they dance and perform across the floor.  I will have to say my favorite new routine this year is our freshman Megan Frazzini’s.  I can’t wait for our fans to watch her and be drawn into her routine just like I am when her music comes on!  There is never a dull moment.  Special thanks to our AWESOME coach for choreographing new routines for us, she can do it ALL!!

One of my favorite things about the sport of gymnastics is that you never quit learning new skills and techniques.  I have been in this sport for around 18 years now (I know… I am getting old.. L) and I am still learning new skills! If you think about other sports, take baseball for example, you learn how to throw and hit when you are really young and you just continue to perfect it throughout your career.  In gymnastics you continue to build on the basics you learn when you are young, and from there, learning is limitless!  There are so many skills in the book you can’t possibly learn them all.  And even if you get bored of common skills, you can make a new one and have it named after you! How cool is that?!  So, this being said, our Centenary ladies have been jumping out of their comfort zone this week and learning some new flips!  Sophomore, Megan Desjardins, did her blind pirouette on the real bar for the first time this week.  Yay to Megan for taking that huge step forward! Also kudos to our junior, Noel, for catching her Shaposhnikova on the bar multiple times this week!  This is exactly what we need to have those 10.0 start values.  Keep up the work Ladies!!

This week, we also re-took our fitness test in the gym.  This includes high jump, rope climbing, leg lifts on a bar, and a timed handstand hold.  We took this test right after we came back to school in order to have a baseline, then we retake it to see how much we improve in our fitness and strength.   It is amazing to see what a few hard weeks of training/conditioning can do for your muscles.  Needless to say, every person on the team had improvements on their tests.  Hard work really does pay off!

This past weekend was also Centenary’s Homecoming!  This is my favorite weekend of the year.  We got to visit with alumni and catch up with how they are currently doing, as well as share stories and memories of the past.  We went to the homecoming tailgating party outside of the Gold Dome to listen to music and eat hamburgers and hot dogs.  What a beautiful and fun weekend we had!

This concludes the week’s events here at Centenary.  Hope you enjoyed catching up with the Ladies!  I just wanted to remind our fan’s that we are currently selling Centenary Gymnastics T-shirts, so if you haven’t ordered yours yet make sure you contact our coach or any gymnast on the team!  We are sending in our order Nov. 10th so please hurry! J

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week and be looking out for our next “Gym Talk” by Christine Langston next week! Go Ladies!!