GymTalk: Jordan Anderson
GymTalk: Jordan Anderson
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan Anderson and I am a freshman on the team! This weekend we had our season opener at LSU and it was such a great experience.

We spent the earlier part of the week with some hard practices preparing for our upcoming season. And on Wednesday we started our spring semester of classes. It was sad to see our break end, but exciting for our new semester to start and to begin another journey of learning new things!

We traveled by bus to LSU on Thursday afternoon.  We had quite the crew with us traveling!  Coach brought lots of help for our first meet; our volunteer assistant and alumni Lauren Carlton, another alum who had spent the whole week helping us at practice, Meg Crowley, and coaches’ daughter Tedi came as our team manager.  Oh, and we even had Zack our trainer with us!

On meet day we were able to go to the PMAC early and do our visualizations and  mental choreography. I felt like this really helped me to be better prepared for the meet. After we were done with all of our visualizations we were able to go see Mike the tiger, LSU’s mascot! The enclosure Mike is kept in was really pretty. Apparently Mike really liked Tawnee and Stephanie as he decided to come close to see them and then turned and sprayed them right in front of everyone!  I think it’s pretty crazy how a school can have tiger in the middle of campus. Imagine walking back from class one day and just seeing a tiger… how cool!

After seeing Mike, we went back to the hotel to eat lunch and get ready for the meet. Jackie surprised us with new warm-up leo’s and we were all so excited to wear them! It was a great first experience for me getting ready with the team before the meet compared to JO meets. The biggest difference for me was having the support of my teammates to enjoy the day and help me do my hair and get everything ready. After we finished our make-up and hair, we headed to the PMAC to go to the locker room and prepare for warm-ups.

Warm-ups went really well, we all looked really confident in our gymnastics. The many hours of practice that Allison talked about last week had paid off. After warm-ups we headed into the locker room to change into our competition Leos.

After march-ins we went to our first event, bars. We had many positive corrections made on this event. Sophomore, Casie Hood made her swing-half combo into her dismount, Freshman Allison Scates did a beautiful pac and Junior, Sylvia Keiter made a really strong routine.

This week in practice we had a couple people step up to help us on vault, making it into the line-up on Friday night. We had quite a few strong vaults and we ended the event with a great layout half by Senior, Robyn Price.

On floor we had some really good hit floor passes. Robyn Price, Sylvia Keiter and Stephanie Strickler all hit their double backs in their routines! We have the potential to be really good on floor and I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of this season holds for us on this event.

We ended on beam, not counting a fall at our first meet making it the best event of the night! Sophomore, Megan Desjardins started us off with a strong made routine. Senior, Tawnee Hadd and Robyn Price had hit routines, scoring a 9.675 for Hadd and 9.700 for Price.

The Ladies had a good first meet, but we still have a lot of work to do to get those final details in our routines. We are all excited to get back into the gym this week and prepare for our next meet at the University of Illinois.

Catch us next week with Gymtalk from freshman, Megan Frazzini!