From the Bench: Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown was an All-SCAC First Team catcher for the Gents in 2014 and ranked second in the conference in batting average
From the Bench: Dakota Brown
Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SHREVEPORT, La. – This week on From the Bench, GoCentenary.com sits down with baseball player Dakota Brown. The Franklin, Tenn., native is heading into her third season with the Maroon and White. The All-SCAC First Team selection last season started 32 games. The Gents’ backstop hit .375 which was second in the conference while leading the squad with a .533 on-base percentage. The Communication major ranked in the top five on the team in four offensive categories.

Q: How did you get started in baseball?

A:  My dad played baseball throughout his life and as a young little thing I grew up running around the bases at his games.  I have played ever since I can remember. Toting around a bat and ball everywhere I went as a kid.  I grew up playing tee ball, to coach pitch and up.

Q: What was your first team's name?

A:  The Compton Cardinals

Q: What are some of your routines/superstitions on game day or during games?

A:  Right before we take in and out I have to put my eye black on. This is a pivotal moment in my pre-game ritual.  During the game, I have just a few more rituals when I am up to bat than when I am in the field.  When up to bat have to put my left batting glove (BG) on first then I go to the right BG then I have to fake like I am strapping on the left BG and then strap the Right BG on, then I go back and strap the left one on. As I am walking to the plate I take two easy practice swings and then kick up one leg at a time to my butt so I make sure I’m stretched out, as I step into the box the final step of my preparation is I have to touch the completely opposite side of the plate with my bat. For my infield rituals, I only have one thing that I do every inning after I throw down to second base after the pitchers throw their warm up pitches I turn around behind home plate take off my skull cap and whisper to myself “Cowboy UP”  this completes my ritual and gets me ready to go.

Q: What is your favorite baseball memory?

A: There have been so many baseball memories throughout my career such as going to the State Tournament two out of four times in high school or beating the #1 team in the nation while in high school, but I would have to say my favorite one had happen this past year when me and one of my best friends on the team Nic Parrott we had both hit our first collegiate homeruns in the same inning, one batter away from being back-to-back.  I am hoping to have a memory of winning a conference tournament or even bigger a national championship in the near future.

Q: If you could change one thing about baseball, what would it be and why?

A:  I wouldn’t change a single thing.  This is the game I have fallen in love with and wouldn’t ask for anything better.

Q: I wear my uniform number because:

A: I used to wear #21 all throughout my career when I was in high school because an older guy I looked up to had worn it before me.  But now at Centenary I am wearing #5. I have picked this number because I felt like it was time to start I new term in my life and wanted to make it my own number.  I want to be that guy that the little kids looks up to and say “I want to be #5 like Dakota!”