GymTalk: Stephanie Strickler
GymTalk: Stephanie Strickler
Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hey Centenary Gymnastics fans! This is JUNIOR, Stephanie Strickler bringing you this week’s GymTalk. Wow, it feels really weird to say that I’m an upper classman now. Where does the time go?

Centenary College has committed to help their students learn, live and lead to help prepare them for their lives after they leave here.  One of the ways they are helping us become better leaders is to hold a campus wide conference each year.  The Ladies were all in attendance and we learned about the different ways in which we can each use our leadership qualities. There were bonding and leadership games incorporated into the weekend, and overall the Ladies learned some valuable lessons while having a little bit of fun. We have also been given some group assignments in our gymnastics class to work on our leadership strengths and weaknesses.  My group was able to get a little help in learning how to be a leader and how important setting standards and goals are to an organizations success.  It was a great day to lay out a strong foundation for our team this year! We are expecting big things for the Ladies this year.

This past week was also our first full week of open gyms and class times! We are getting back into the swing of things and already making big strides. The Ladies are already stepping it up this year with bar combinations, new beam series, and some powerful vaults. We are starting this year off right with an amazing group of hard working girls. The team’s energy is contagious from our 6 am workouts to our Saturday night open gyms. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, the Ladies are always having a good time. Sometimes the late night practices get a little goofy with dancing and singing to our favorite songs, but who says you can’t work hard and have fun at the same time?!

This year, the ladies have some extra help we are especially excited about. Shout out to Andrew Koepnick and Rykley Crowe! I can already tell that both of you will be wonderful additions to the team this year!

Stay tuned for Gym Talk next week!

Stephanie Strickler