GymTalk: Ronni Bear
GymTalk: Ronni Bear
Friday, November 7, 2014

Hello Centenary gymnastics fans, this is junior Ronni Bear writing this week’s gym talk!  This past week has been filled with numerous activities that have kept everyone so busy. During the week we all had a lot of tests and papers due, and as stressful as it was, we all had fun bonding and studying in Jackson or the Library.  By the time Friday came around we were all excited to go the Centenary Men’s Basketball scrimmage and it was so much fun to see all of the support from the other students.  Senior, Sylvia Keiter and I volunteered for a halftime three point shot contest.  I was up first and did not even make it to the basket but then Sylvia represented the gymnastics team well by draining a three pointer and moving onto the next round and earning a third place finish!

The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday morning when the team packed up and headed to Coach Jackie’s house for our team retreat!  We go on a team retreat each year so we can just get away for a day or two and spend the entire day focusing on our team and not having to worry about anything else.  Jackie had so many fun activities planned for us and we couldn’t wait to get started. 

The first thing we did was taping a piece of paper to each team mates back and then everyone wrote one compliment on each teammate’s piece of paper, it is always so uplifting to read what everyone writes on your back.  We also had a special guest, Shelley, who is a Centenary soccer Alumni.  She was there to help us get to know each other on a deeper level.  She talked about the stages of teamwork and how we have to go through the forming, storming, and norming stages to get to the preforming stage.  Shelley really helped us all understand each other in different ways and we all connected on a meaningful level.  She also let us play a couple of games; my favorite was the human knot, in this game we all are in a circle and grab hands across from each other and then try and untangle.   We all loved having Shelley there and are so grateful that she took time to come and talk to us. 

After that, Jackie split us into groups of five and made us do a lip sync music video!  Each group chose a song and had to choreograph a routine, and then we preformed them for each other.  Perhaps a video or two may pop up somewhere when we least expect it! We were so tired after all the dancing and bonding , so Jackie graciously let us all take a twenty minute power nap in her living room, we were all bundled up together and Clark (Jackie’s dog) even joined in on the nap.  

After we were all rested up, Dan (Jackie’s Husband) made us an amazing dinner and we were also joined by our favorite athletic director Rhonda Seagraves.   After dinner our captains discussed our teams’ core covenants which are; discipline, loyalty, and fire.   Each of these words holds a special meaning of what our team stands for and what we represent inside and outside of the gym.  To conclude our eventful Saturday we got to gather around the fire pit and make s’more’s!  We are all so grateful to have a coach like Jackie who will open her house to us and plan such a fun retreat!

This week-end really went a long way in helping the team to begin to form a special bond to help unite us into our C-unit, and to continue to push for our dream through-out the coming year.

Tune into next week’s gym talk to hear about how our retreat began to stoke the FIRE of your Centenary Ladies in the gym!

Love y’all,