Senior Allison Scates Provides the Inaugural Gym Talk of 2016-17!
Senior Allison Scates Provides the Inaugural Gym Talk of 2016-17!
Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Wow, I made it to senior year! I can't believe how much I have learned and grown as an athlete, teammate and student. All of those nights spent studying in the lab and practices at the gym have paid off, and I have made it to the last step of my undergraduate journey. I have never been more excited for a school year. It is amazing how your perspective changes when you become a senior; your goals change from making it through to enjoying everything more for what it is.

Enjoying this year for what it is despite any good or bad is something I picked up from the greats, Sylvia Keiter and Natalie Humbert, two years ago during their senior year. Their excitement with everything they did in and out of the gym was inspiring. We didn't get exactly where we wanted to go that year, but I never regretted having as much fun with my teammates as we did. This is something I want to carry into this year as well as our new found championship attitude. We have a new, young team with so many friendly and hard-working people, and I hope I can help spread the love of cherishing every second!

One of the most exciting things about coming back is finally getting to know our freshmen more! As I continue to learn about them, I see how special this year's team will be. I can already tell we will work smarter, harder, and more united than ever before. It has been a blast getting to know each one of our new Ladies and I see so much effort being put into forming new bonds. I know my returning teammates and I are so excited to welcome them to our Centenary Gymnastics family. If there are any parents of our freshmen reading this: know your girls are in good hands both with the coaches and their teammates and we have their back!

In summary, we are laying the first bricks to our impenetrable wall by really working hard to build strong bonds with all of our teammates. We have had a few spontaneous team dinners and some fun goofing off, and this team’s chemistry is going to be great! We have started our open gyms and the Ladies are so motivated to start pushing themselves to be ready for a great season. It is going to be so exciting to see how we all come together and work to become champions this year!

Stop by every week to hear about our progress and achievements!

With love,
Allison Scates

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford