Sophomore Navia Jordan Provides Gym Talk for the Final Week of October!
Sophomore Navia Jordan Provides Gym Talk for the Final Week of October!
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hey there Centenary gym fans!


Sophomore Navia Jordan here with this week’s gym talk! This past week has been great as we have been continuing strong in the gym and practicing harder than ever! Now that we have started practice everyone has been kicking it hard into gear and the Ladies have hit the ground running! I can’t wait to see all our hard work pay off this upcoming season!

The Centenary Ladies have been working diligently to build momentum so we can achieve our goals, and reach our dream of going to Nationals as a team. We want to get to the Space Needle! In the gym, we have been focusing on cleaning up basics and getting stronger so that we can execute our sky-high gymnastics with precision and grace. We like to keep in mind: it is the small details that make the biggest difference!

Last week, we Ladies had our first team conditioning in the FIT. I must say everyone looked great; especially our comeback kids! Shout out to sophomore Tavia Smith for killing on bars with her amazing shaposhes! I love seeing you fly across those bars, keep it up! Also, shout out to Mack Pack’s soaring double pikes on floor! You floor roars rock! A Scates has been showing out with her explosive vaults; I’m so glad you’re back and better than ever Big Al, keep going strong! Finally, shout out to my girl, Nat Nat, for such beautiful base series on beam. You are coming back strong and I can’t wait to see what competition season holds in store for you!

The Ladies closed out our progressive week with some awesome conditioning this Sunday. We got to improve our squats and hops so that we can continue our boundless tumbling! We also worked on accelerating into our vault run with some super fun sprints and running drills!

All in all, the Centenary Ladies are looking bomb in the gym and I’m so proud of you all!



Navi J.