Freshmen Olivia Hirsch and Cami Bea Austin Provide this Week's Gym Talk!
Freshmen Cami Bea Austin (left) and Olivia Hirsch (right).
Freshmen Olivia Hirsch and Cami Bea Austin Provide this Week's Gym Talk!
Friday, December 2, 2016

Hi Centenary Gymnastics fans!  Here are our two latest Gym Talks to catch you up on what the Ladies were up to around Thanksgiving break.

Hey y’all! I am freshman Olivia Hirsch and I am here to update you on the Ladies progress before Thanksgiving break, with this week’s Gym Talk!

In the gym, you could just feel the determination in the air as we get ever so close to competition season! We were looking forward to Thanksgiving break so the Ladies took great strides during the week by knocking personal goals off the board!

The Ladies went on a fun adventure to downtown Shreveport to take some really cool team pictures! Although we ended up with a few little scratches, the Ladies managed to get some fun pictures with no major injuries! We had a great day together wandering around Shreveport, catching some of the beautiful landmarks of our city and our campus. Can’t wait for everybody to see them!

During Thanksgiving break, the Ladies did not have a 6 A.M. practice for about 10 days, which meant we were be able to rest up over the break and come back ready to attack! Even though we did get to catch up on our sleep, we had our workout schedules planned to do over the break so we could keep pushing for our goal: to compete for a national championship!

That’s all for this week! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving from the Ladies!





Hello fans, this is freshman Cami Bea Austin bringing you my first ever gym talk.

The Ladies have a just returned from Thanksgiving break and got right back into the swing of things. Our first practice back, we did some team tumbling, beam, and bars.  Floor went well with everyone; the passes were bomb. It is always fun and there is always high energy when we all tumble as a team! Beam was full of lots and lots of basics, just getting back into full swing and continuing to build that solid foundation we have been working on. While bars were dismounts and basics, we also played a handstand game, working on hitting those vertical handstand positions. That was fun.

The Ladies also dominated t-shirt sales while on break and turned them in when we got back. We will get the shirts before we leave for Christmas break so we can give them to all the buyers. Thanks to everyone who supported our team fundraising project to help us pay for our trip to Alaska this spring!

Wednesday, the Ladies did a profit share with Grub Burger Bar. The ladies will get 15% of the profit from Grub for anyone who went to eat and mentioned Centenary Gymnastics. The Ladies were out at Grub in full force and it was fun to see everyone who came in to support us.

Thanksgiving was good and the Ladies are already killing it back in the gym.

XOXO you know you love me,