Sophomore Delia Ardoin Checks In with this Week's Gym Talk!
Sophomore Delia Ardoin Checks In with this Week's Gym Talk!
Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hello Ladies and Gents Fans!

This is Sophomore Delia Ardoin bringing you this week’s Gym Talk! This past week, your Centenary Ladies have been working hard in and out of the gym. Since our goal is to be nine deep on each event, everyone has been pushing hard to perfect their routines and be in a position to compete for a line up spot. Some highlights of this week include Aspen, Dorothy and Si~Si getting their new floor routines which they look AMAZING! I can’t wait to be dancing along with them on the side! Also for the Floor Roars, shout out to Jerrica and Kaity for doing some really good double backs! Can’t wait to see them in their floor routines! For bars, shout out to Navia for doing her Higgins to straddle back combination! She did it straight to handstand on the first try! Also, congrats to Dorothy for those giant halves! She is finishing them to handstand! For beam, shout out to Cami for working a new series on beam and Evelyn for upgrading her big skill! They look lovely! Lastly, huge congratulations to Ashley for doing more gymnastics! It’s great to see you flipping, handstand-ing and using your shoulder more! The Ladies also changed up conditioning on Sunday. We got fancy and started counting in different languages! Very cool to hear all the different languages! Bet you didn’t know your ladies could speak different languages, or at least count in different languages!

Outside of the gym, we have been studying hard trying to keep up our good grades since this semester is almost over! On Saturday, your Ladies participated in a community service project where we helped clean up the Red River and its surrounding area. You never know what you may find! Shout out to Dorothy for finding the most interesting item, an old laundry hanging pole! It is always great helping out the community and making it a better place!

Also this week, we surprised our coach with a thank you card and inspirational sayings showing her how appreciative we are of her and all of the hard work she does for the team. Actions like these make me truly appreciate our team and how much of a family we really are. I can’t wait to take on the season with them!

Tune in next week to see how we did at our intra-squad on Sunday November 12! If you can’t wait that long then make sure to follow along with us on Instagram (@centenarygymnastics) and our other social media platforms for updates! Go Ladies!