Northwest Louisiana Invitational Tournament Schedule Set
Friday, June 2, 2006

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2006 Northwest Louisiana Invitational Schedule

SHREVEPORT – The 2006 Northwest Louisiana Invitational baseball tournament schedule has been set and is now available, featuring high school, American Legion, and summer teams from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas.  Teams will compete at four different sites around the Shreveport-Bossier area from Friday, June 9th to Sunday, June 11th.  Sites include Airline and Parkway High Schools in Bossier City, Captain Shreve High School in School in Shreveport, and Shehee Stadium on the Centenary College campus.  The top four teams will play for the championship on Sunday with semifinal games at Captain Shreve and Centenary, and the title game held at Centenary.


Tickets are $5 per adult, $3 for children under 10, and $15 tournament passes are also available.  Scouts with proper ID are admitted free.  Contact Mike Diaz at (318) 869-5095 for more information.



Time                       Friday                                           Saturday                                       Sunday

9 a.m.                      Dyson Motors (OK) vs.                   Dyson Motors (OK) vs.                   Shreve AL vs.

                              Cap’t Shreve American Legion          LA Elite                                       McKinney

11:30 a.m.                Dyson Motors (OK) vs.                   Dyson Motors (OK) vs.                   TC Patriots vs.

                              Tri County Patriots (AR)                 McKinney Marshalls (TX)                LA Elite

2 p.m.                     Cap’t Shreve American Legion          Cap’t Shreve American Legion   

                               vs. Tri County Patriots (AR)            vs. LA Elite

4:30 p.m.                 LA Elite vs.                                   McKinney Marshalls (TX)

                               McKinney Marshalls (TX)                vs. Tri County Patriots



Time                       Friday                                           Saturday                                               

9 a.m.                      Airline vs.                                     Airline vs.

                               LA select Angels Red                      Fairfield Oilers (TX)

11:30 a.m.                Fairfield Oilers (TX) vs.                   Dallas Reds vs.

                               LA select Angels Red                      LA select Angels Red

2 p.m.                      Fairfield Oilers (TX) vs.                   Airline vs.

                               Dallas Reds                                    LA select Angels Red

4:30 p.m.                 Airline vs.                                      Dallas Reds vs.

                               Dallas Reds                                    Fairfield Oilers (TX)



Time                       Friday                                           Saturday                                   Sunday

9 a.m.                      Dallas Apaches vs.                          Dallas Apaches vs.                      LA select Angels Blue  vs.

                               LA select Angels Blue                     NT Wranglers (TX)                    Texas Longhorns

11:30 a.m.                Dallas Apaches vs.                          Dallas Apaches vs.                      Ruston vs.

                               Ruston                                         Texas Longhorns                         NT Wranglers (TX)

2 p.m.                      LA select Angels Blue vs.                Texas Longhorns vs.

                               Ruston                                         Ruston

4:30 p.m.                  NT Wranglers (TX) vs.                   LA select Angels Blue vs.

                               Texas Longhorns                            NT Wranglers (TX)



Time                       Friday                                            Saturday                                               

9 a.m.                      Manford (OK) vs.                             Manford (OK) vs.

                               Mineola                                         East Texas Red Sox

11:30 a.m.                East Texas Red Sox vs.                    Mineola                

                               Metro Pirates (TX)                           Metro Pirates (TX)

2 p.m.                      East Texas Red Sox vs.                    Manford (OK) vs.

                               Mineola                                          Metro Pirates (TX)

4:30 p.m.                 Manford (OK) vs.                              Mineola vs.

                               Metro Pirates (TX)                           East Texas Red Sox



Time                       Location                                Sunday

9 a.m.                     Captain Shreve                       1 vs 4

2 p.m.                     Centenary                              2 vs 3

4:30 p.m.                 Centenary                               Winner vs Winner