Alcorn Downs Ladies 6-1
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SHREVEPORT, LaAlcorn State’s Lady Braves defeated the Ladies at home 6-1.


The Ladies tennis team was only able to get two wins against Alcorn State on their own court. Christina Majchrowicz defeated her singles opponent, Martina Garda (6-1,6-1) and, paired with Courtney Myers, defeated Avernelle Helder and Sweth Devaraj in a doubles match (8-6). That was all she wrote for the Ladies as Alcorn took the rest of the singles matches. Devaraj beat Kristina Collins (6-2,6-2), Stefania Guzman beat Lindsay Ezell (6-0,6-0), Sarah Peters beat Jennifer Majchrowicz (6-2,6-1), and Helder beat Kate Buchanan (6-3,6-1).


Alcorn’s doubles teams, though losing to C. Majchrowicz/Myers, won the remaining two matches. Peters/Guzman defeated Ezell/J. Majchrowicz defeated (8-0), and Martina Garda/Felicia Chen defeated Collins/Buchanan (8-1).