Centenary Athletics Partners with XOS Technologies, Inc.
Friday, July 6, 2007

SHREVEPORT—Centenary College and XOS Technologies, Inc. have partnered to build a new athletics website designed to be fan friendly and interactive in addition to generating revenue. The improved site will feature a new live stats platform, streaming audio and video, an email broadcast list, and an online store. The target date for the launch of the revamped www.GoCentenary.com website is August 1st. The current version of the website will expire at midnight on July 8th and only a “coming soon” splash page will be posted until the new site is up and running.


XOS Technologies, Inc. is the leading technology provider for maximizing the value of content, commerce, and service for sports organizations and fans. Its Network supports more than 150 professional and collegiate athletics sites.


“We are excited to work with the XOS Network,” said Centenary Assistant Athletics Director David Pratt. “The partnership between Centenary athletics and XOS will allow our fans and followers a well-branded hub from which they can find anything and everything about our Ladies and Gents teams.”


At this time, Centenary is working on infrastructure updates that are essential in maximizing the capabilities of the new GoCentenary.com website. Different features will be offered as the technology is put into place on campus. The first scheduled live audio and video streaming will take place during the men’s and women’s basketball seasons in November.


“We are hopeful that the necessary equipment can be installed soon, which would allow us to also broadcast the early fall sports, such as soccer and volleyball, via audio and video streaming and through live stats,” said Pratt. “However, we feel confident that the process will be concluded by basketball season.”


The transition from the current AmericanEagle.com based website to the new XOS Network is expected to take a few weeks.


“Due to the timing of everything, we could not avoid having our website down for a short time and that is unfortunate. I know this is an inconvenience to our alumni and fans, but I feel they will see that it was worth the small wait when the new site is unveiled. Their patience is very appreciated,” said Pratt.


For additional information on XOS Technologies, Inc., visit www.xostech.com.