Welcome to the C Club
Monday, August 20, 2007



Dear Centenary Fan,

The C Club is the official booster organization of the Centenary Athletic Department and works in cooperation with the college's Office of Development.  The club's primary goal is to generate resources in order to enhance the student-athlete experience as well as the overall image of Centenary through intercollegiate athletics.  The club consists of individual, corporate, and small business members who may choose from multiple levels of membership and designate their contributions to a particular sport or sports.  Memberships are tax deductible* and come with a variety of other benefits depending on the level of membership.  I would like to stress that coordinated "in kind" gifts of goods/services, (including volunteer service), are also greatly appreciated and can be a convenient and effective way to support Centenary.

The success of the C Club is critical to Centenary's student-athletes as they face the challenges of intercollegiate competition.  Current priorities for the use of unrestricted C Club funds are in the areas of enhancing facilities, academic support, and technology.  Projects include phase 2 of the renovations of the Gold Dome weight room and tennis courts, increasing the accessibility and quality of student-athlete academic support, upgrades to the Wilhite Media Room, and upgrades to the computer hardware and software that supports much of our operations.  Notable growth in sport-specific funds has made it possible for us to expand and upgrade coaching positions as well as specific sport operations.  Such enhancements ultimately benefit all student-athletes, aid in recruiting, and promote the overall image of the college.

Join the team behind the team today!!!

Tom Tallach, Ed. D.
Director of Athletics

*Please consult your tax advisor for more information about the tax implications of your donation.