Centenary Academic Support
Friday, August 24, 2007

Centenary College is committed to each student-athlete as a total person. While the student-athlete at Centenary is given an opportunity to attain athletic goals, the objective is to assure the academic success of student-athletes in the classroom as well.

The Academic Support division of the Ladies and Gents athletic department works closely with student-athletes from all 16 sports on a daily basis.

In order for students to compensate for the hours necessary to prepare for competition, a rigorous academic discipline has been established to help achieve their potential. Centenary’s study hall program and tutoring sessions have proven an invaluable asset to the Ladies and Gents over the years.

The Athletic Administration communicates with the Centenary faculty to assess the academic progress and needs of our student-athletes. Those individuals deemed to be at-risk academically are recommended for participation in one of our academic assistance programs. Counselors also assist student-athletes with meeting the requirements of graduation.