From the Sideline: Adam Walsh
Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly blog from the Gents basketball program. As we are on the verge of major change in the political realm of our country with the recent election of Barack Obama, change is definitely in the air for the Gents! The Greg Gary era of Centenary Basketball begins Saturday on the road at Mississippi State and we want to welcome you on our ’08-’09 journey.


I want to elaborate on some of the changes that have gone on in the recent months and some that are still being completed as I write this. First of all, as you all know by now, new head coach Greg Gary assumed the reigns to our program back in April. He inherited a program coming off a season full of ups and downs that included some intriguing wins over Texas Tech, SMU, and La Tech. During the coaching change, a handful of players left the program and so we worked hard in the spring to bring in some fresh faces to our team. We are welcoming in some great guys that we hope you will come to love during the season. Gary “G” Redus II, a 6’6” wing, and Roman Tubner, a 6’1” guard, both come to us as sophomores and both hail from Alabama. Daman Starring, a 6’3” wing, from Las Vegas, is a true freshman, while Brandon Harris, a 6’9” post from Akron, Ohio, comes to us via Duquense University as a redshirt freshman. Other new faces to our program include David Perez, 6’3”, from New Iberia, LA, and Maxx Nakwaasah, 6’2”, from Richardson, Texas. The familiar faces returning for us are Nick Stallings, Lance Hill, Travis Hill, Chase Adams, Jerrald Bonham, and Anthony Gatlin.


Another big change for the athletic department as a whole will be the unveiling of the remolded and upgraded Gold Dome. It has received a tremendous facelift with a brand new floor and all new seating that includes chair-back seating in the lower level. We are all excited for this project to be completed over the next week and we hope that you all get to see it soon! We are also still in the process of renovating the weight room in the Gold Dome. Both of these projects were made possible by donations from our wonderful donors!


Change continues for the Gents as we will be wearing new black uniforms on the road this year...and you will all get to see them up close and personal on national television this coming week as we go on the road(again...and not for the last time) to play Baylor, next Tuesday the 18th at 3:00pm Central Time on ESPN...these black uniforms are going to get a lot of wear this year as we take the term road warriors to a new level and do not have a true home court game until January.


All of these changes that I have mentioned have happened as we attempt to make one big change in our record books here at Centenary...making the first NCAA Tournament appearance in school history! That is the goal and standard that Coach Gary is holding all of us to on a daily basis and I am enjoying doing my part to help get us there. As I write this, a neighboring state away from our team, on the road recruiting, I know that what we bring to the table over the next few months on the court with the mixing and meshing of the new and the old pieces of our team and the new additions that we continue to make to our program with the next couple of recruiting classes will set the standard and the tone for years to come for Centenary Basketball. Change is good and this is definitely an exciting time to be a Gent! We will put a great product on display for our students and our fans and we hope that our efforts through this time of change will make all past, present, and future members of the Centenary family proud!


God Bless and remember that we all have the chance to impact and influence someone in a positive way, each and every day!