Centenary Staffer Versus the Athlete
Friday, November 21, 2008

SHREVEPORT – After a month with out competing against one of our athletic teams, on Monday I went toe-to-toe with Jessica Marquart and Leigh Newton from the Centenary women’s golf team. We played nine holes at Olde Oaks Golf Club, and it wasn’t pretty from the start.

I haven’t played golf in about year and it showed through the first two holes, as I shot an 18, while Jessica and Leigh were both at 11. However, I got my swing down and started playing much better during the next six holes. On six and seven I even birdied the holes, and I am pretty sure I can count on one hand how many birdies I have in my life.

Before I go any further about the golf game, I don’t want it to seem like I play once a year. I don’t go out to the course as much as I did in college or even high school. In high school I played in a junior league for the city of South Bend, Ind., and in college during the summer months my buddies and I played on a par three course in Evansville, Ind. The par three course was great; it was only three bucks to play 18 holes.

Back to my competition with Jessica and Leigh, on number three we all bogeyed and I doubled on number four. Through the first four holes, Jessica was leading the way at 19, while Leigh was just a stroke back and I was shooting 28.

After three and four I started feeling pretty good about my game, and I continued to play pretty well. On hole five I was back to being just a bogey golfer and on six I pared the hole, thanks to a good putt. Number seven is a par three, and I took the drive and booted past the green. Though once we got up to the green it wasn’t that far off and a good chip with decent putt gave me my second bird.

On number nine it was back to the bad habits I have on the course, swinging to hard, picking my head up before I may contact with the ball and lifting my shoulders. Even worse, I swing the club like it’s a baseball bat, which made my trip down to the fairway long.  

Overall though it wasn’t the butt kicking I expected, as Jessica and Leigh tied with a 41 and I came away with a 54. Maybe one day Martin or Mary Lynn Stuart will teach me how to swing the club properly and former Shreveport television broadcaster Dave Foster will quit telling me about my ugly swing.