From the Backcourt: With Daman Starring
Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So as most people know we have had a couple of pretty long road trips recently. I’m just going to give you guys the inside story of our travel. We went into the LSU tourney 0-2 as we lost our first game to Mississippi State and as a lot of you saw we lost to Baylor on ESPN. Our first game in the tourney was against Troy who we beat. Then we played Northwestern State whom we lost to but the game came down to the wire. After that horrible lost we had a 13 hour drive that ended up being about 15 on a sleeper bus to Wichita State. We got to spend a few days there and just relax before our game. There isn’t much to do in Oldtown Wichita when you are with your team, but I did get to catch a movie with one of the guys. We watched Madagascar 2 and some of us also checked out the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. I found out that I had gotten hurt in the Northwestern game, so it sounds like I may be out for a while and I don’t really know what to do with myself.

We ended up losing to Wichita, but at the end of the first half we were only down by 4. They pulled away in the second half though. Gary “G” Redus II ended up spraining his ankle early in the first half and wasn’t able to come back and play. The Wichita gym was an amazing arena to play in. The crowd was incredible; at one point during the game it got so loud in there I could hear coach Gary talk 5 feet away from me. So after that game our record was 1-4.

We drove back to Shreveport after that game were we had a day or two before we had to leave again to go back to LSU for Thanksgiving and two more games. We had a pretty good Thanksgiving dinner with the team at the hotel in Baton Rouge and then we went as a team to see Transporter 3 that night. Our first game in the second part of the tourney was against LSU. We played pretty well against them as they started to pull away at the beginning of the second half. But we didn’t give up and we kept fighting and ended up only losing by 6. The next day we played Alcorn State where we ended up getting another win. We came out flat against them in the first half, but again we didn’t give up and kept fighting and came out strong the second half and won.  Then we came back to Shreveport to get ready to play Northwestern again.