Ladies Gym Talk: Courtney Hawkins
Monday, September 7, 2009
Hello everyone, it is Courtney here with the Ladies Gym Talk!  I am a senior on the team and ready to get this year off to a good start!  As Whitney told you in the last segment, we are so excited for the many changes that our new coach, Gretchen, has brought to us!

The last post left off on "Nerdy Gymnast Day"!  It was so much fun!  Probably the most fun we've ever had as a team in the gym!  Coach Gretchen was just as excited as we were!  Whitney was definitely the winner of the "Nerdiest Gymnast"!  We started the practice off with a fun game in our goofy outfits, and then started our first real TEAM practice together!  Although everyone was sore from the hard week before, we had one of our best practices yet!  Everyone was challenged and eager to learn something new.  It was GREAT!

The week to follow was even better than the first!  Our soreness was beginning to ware off, and morning workouts weren't such a shock to our bodies and sleeping patterns.  Although the sprints were a little more difficult than the first week, we made it through by cheering each other on and being positive!

Our week was saddened by the sudden loss of our Dean David L. Womack on Saturday, August 29th.  Our team was very close to him and greatly appreciated everything he had done for us in the short year he was here.  On Thursday, September 3rd, we met up as a team in front of Brown Chapel to attend Dean Womack's beautiful memorial service.  The team had the opportunity to speak with his family at the reception and tell them how much he meant to us and how much we appreciated everything he had done.  He will truly be missed.

That night was our last practice of the week.  Due to the memorial service earlier that day, day practice was cancelled meaning we got to practice as a whole team for the second time that week.  It was great!  We were all excited to get to work new skills and see what the new freshmen had to offer!  Practice ended with a fun group talk that involved telling everyone about one accomplishment we had made that day!  It was a great way to get to know each other better and hear what everyone thought about how they were excelling.

Sunday was our second official team practice!  Stay tuned to see how Sunday and the rest of the week went!

-Courtney Hawkins