Ladies Gym Talk: Marisa Schneider
Monday, October 5, 2009
Hey Fans, its Marisa here to tell ya'll about Centenary Gymnastics awesome week! I am a Junior this year, and I am loving this year more than every year before! Yes, things are different, but these changes are not just making us better gymnasts but better students and people overall.  Gretchen has changed our lives in so many ways and I am very thankful to be a part of this experience for the upcoming year.  Every day we live by expecting the unexpected, which is one of our mottos. 

We began our Sunday with a text from our coach Gretchen, which read, "You all have been so great with all of the community service, pictures and recruit that I want you to take tonight off and just have some time for yourself to gear up for another great week! Therefore no practice, pictures, swimming, or any of that tonight.  Enjoy that the sun is finally out!"  Before even finishing reading the text most of us were hysterical and very shocked, some of us even fell out of our chairs.  We were all very appreciated to be able to have more time to catch back up on our studies from our busy week and prepare for our next week.

Come Monday everything was back to normal with the early morning practices and evening practices.  On Friday after classes the team met up at the First Baptist Church School, to help the community with a carnival they were holding! It was a great turn out with so many activities.  We each split up with a partner and worked different arts and craft stations and food.   Saturday morning the team met at 8am and went to Chik- Fil-A to grab some breakfast before we went to support the Centenary Cross Country Team at their only home meet of the season.  We had a lot of fun cheering them on and having the Centenary Swim Team alongside us to support them. Later that afternoon we all got together to bake for our bake sale on Monday. Not only were we baking but working on homework and watching football.  We are very excited to see how the sale goes on Monday and how our Highlighter Sunday (which consists of dressing up in the brightest colors you have) practice will GO!!

Come back to hear what Maille has for you next week!

Centenary Gymnast,

Marisa Schneider