Ladies Gym Talk: Alyssa Zawieja
Monday, October 19, 2009
Another week of gymnastics brings you yet another week of Gym Talk. We began the week with this past Sunday with an incredibly early St. Patty's day celebration. We were all dressed in green and started the practice off right by vaulting ourselves off a mini-tramp and then flipping, jumping and hurdling into the foam pit, perhaps searching for a pot of gold among the square, blue, squishy blocks.

The next day our coach gave us a challenge where the girls had to complete the assignment on pieces of paper, and each time present the coach with the paper they just completed. By the end of the practice there was a huge stack of completed assignment, and the girls were covered in sweat and chalk.

The next few days, Gretchen made a twist on the previous assignment, stating that each girls turn contributed to the team assignment, much like the paper one, and when the teams turn was completely made they moved onto the next paper. This was a relevant exercise in showing the girls how much each contributes to the team, and how a team sport relies on each player being in synch. Without all the pieces, working together in conjunction with each other the team won't function harmoniously.

After many rips, rolls of tape, ice buckets and gallons of sweat shed, here's what each girls is exceeding expectations on, in and out of the gym:

Brittany(Fr.)- She has been throwing some amazing skills on bars since she stepped into the gym and has been working hard on getting her new release. She swings bars beautifully and her body lines while she is on the bar, are fantastic. She is working hard on floor to get more consistent on her tumbling passes and her power is increasing each day.

Meg(Fr.)-She is just slowly getting back into the events after a shoulder surgery this summer. She was released from her doctor and has been bravely stepping it up n the gym on beginning to start her skills again. She has started a lot on the beam and has begun doing some strong dismounts and steady jumps on the beam. I can't wait to see what the little powerhouse has in store for us.

Amanda(Fr.)- She has been impressing me every day on every event by pulling crazy big skills out of no where. Although she has been struggling with a back injury, she pushes through the pain and is an incredibly hard and dedicated worker in the gym. You can see just by the sweat on her face how hard she is working, and the motivation that drives her though the workout. Her tumbling is very clean and her dance on floor is gorgeous. Her bars are getting so consistent and she has been catching tkachevs (a really hard release) and sticking her double back dismounts off the bars. Her twisted vault is going to be our biggest vault of the year with a nice 10.0 start value.

Jessica(Fr.)- Though she may seem quiet to many, her skills suggest otherwise in the gym. She is a powerful tumbler on floor with beautiful twisting capabilities. She works on and is going to be a solid competitor on floor. Her beam is very strong, because she is very consistent on her skills and is very graceful. Her flight series, a back-handspring connected to a back-layout, on the beam is beautiful and she stays on the four-inch beam like it's the floor. She has been catching a good amount of jaegers (a difficult release move on the high bar) on bars and has been landing a new double-pike dismount off bars.

Christy(Fr.)-One of the most powerful gymnasts in the gym she is shooting up into the air in every one of her tumbling passes. She has an incredible portfolio of passes on floor such, double front flip, double back tuck, double pack pike, front-handspring layout-layout and has so much height on each. She has huge vaults that will also be one f our biggest vaults for the year, doing a front-handspring front flip with a half twist.

Melody(So.)- Has been stepping it up big time in the gym and showing us a lot of new things. He beam has improved 100 fold and she is very powerful and very solid on the beam. Her flight series, a back-handspring connected to a Layout step out is very impressive and her consistency is great. She is dedicated to working hard on bars, getting her overshoots better and working on her dismounts on the bar. He floor and vault are both very powerful and has been getting higher each practice.

Stephanie(So.)-Also coming back form a shoulder injury we are finally seeing her doing a bunch of stuff. She is starting to swing on the bars again, doing some skills like a kip and taps swings on the bar. Bars are the hardest and most painful to come back to after a shoulder injury, so what she is doing is a huge accomplishment. She is starting to tumble on the tumble track, and doing some tumbling skills on the floor. She is a great supporter in the gym and her beam is moving its way to growing stronger.

Lauren(So.)-has been steadily improving in the gym. Her tumbling is getting back into its groove and her double backs are getting bigger. She is working really hard on all of her tumbling passes and is getting more consistent. Her beam is looking very good with her flight becoming more consistent, a back-handspring connected to a layout step out, and her front-handspring as well as her leaps and jumps are looking very strong.

Laura(Jr.)-Coming back from knee surgery her gymnastics is getting back to its power tht it was before. She has begun doing some good tumbling on the tumble tramp and her twisting is coming back like it was never gone. She is a superstar on the beam, definitely the most consistent and strong on the event. She rocks out on her series, a back-handspring layout step-out, and never falls. Her splits leaps and jumps and back tuck are getting bigger and are always steady. She does a standing layout step out which is a difficult skills giving her bonus tenths for her beam.

Tara(Jr.)-Also coming back form knee surgery is working so incredibly hard in the gym. She is a bar star and has been impressing our team with her funky releases and their consistency every day. She has a bar routine that is packed with releases, and pirouettes that contribute to a huge amount of bonus tenths in her routine. She has been swinging the bars with hands that are covered in rips and bleeding, but motivated by our team and coach she continues swinging. Her beam is becoming so strong and her skills are growing more consistent. Her flight series, back-handspring connected to a back tuck is huge and is becoming easier for her. Her side summersault is impressive and has steadily been improving every day. She is growing so confident and strong on the beam.

Kenzie(Jr.)-She is coming back from back surgery this summer and is finally getting to do a few things. She began running and has been happy to start swinging bars once again. She is an amazing bar swinger and has been ready to start owning the bars again. She has been doing some great free-hip handstands and finally showed us some beautiful giants on the high bar. Its so amazing to see her comeback and doing such awesome things on the bar.

Marisa(Jr.)- Came back from summer very ready to start this year. She is a huge competitor on our team and has some amazing gymnastics. She pulled her back recently and has been on of the biggest contributors to the awesome motivation in the gym. She can be heard cheering the girls down the street and always finds a way to make the girls smile or laugh.

Maille(Jr.)-Has a procedure on her ankle this summer that has been prohibiting her from doing anything on her ankle but she has steadily been rehabbing and its finally getting stronger. She was released from the doctor and has begun jogging which is awesome to finally see. She is anxious to get back in the gym and start tumbling and doing other things. She is a huge motivator in the gym and encourages the girls to not give up.

Alyssa(Jr.)- I am still coming back from shoulder surgery this summer. The most stuff I've done on my shoulder is some push-ups and handstands, which is all really cool to me because I haven't been doing anything. The other day I did flight on beam with one arm, which was a combination of really scary and really cool. I'm incredibly anxious to get back in the gym and tackle some gymnastics. I've been losing my voice everyday encouraging the girl and pushing them throughout the practice.

Whitney(Sr.)- She is rocking out on floor coming back into her tumbling passes. She has steadily improving on them and trying to get back into the groove of things and the timing on her tumbling. Her positive attitude always helps other to keep pushing it, and she is a good motivator in the gym. Her vaults are getting very powerful and she is doing great on beam. She hasn't done beam in probably two years and has started up again with the motivation from Gretchen. She is incredible on the beam and has been doing some great skills, like a front toss for the first time! She has been very brave and is looking more confident on the beam.

Courtney(Sr.)-Has been trying to come back from Achilles surgery from last year and has been steadily doing more stuff. She tumble on the tumble track and has been doing minimal tumbling on the floor. She has been swinging bars since this summer and is doing all the skills from before, like a tkachev and an overshoot. She has finally been doing some dismounts off the bar and we are all looking forward to her vamping up her huge dismount to something more difficult.

-Alyssa Zawieja