Ladies Gym Talk: Melody Smith
Monday, November 2, 2009
Hey ya'll, my name is Melody and I am currently a sophomore at Centenary College.  As Lauren said, last week was a hard week so luckily this week was rest week, which means that it was easy week for the ladies.  With Shreveport's crazy weather practices got cancelled, even though school didn't. 

The weekend before this past week, we had completely off.  During that weekend we could go anywhere we wanted! A lot of the ladies got to go home and see their family for the first time since school started. 

Monday morning we had morning sprints.  It only lasted about 30 minutes; we usually do sprints for an hour.  On Monday and Tuesday we had team practice at night, instead of having two separate times.  This was good because it gave the team a chance to all practice together. 

On Tuesday morning we had weights.  Since it was rest week, we did a lot of reps with low weight.  On Wednesday morning, we had an easy session of sprints again.  Thanks Gretchen!

Then Wednesday night we got an unexpected text from Gretchen saying to meet at the fitness center at 7, which is the time that we normally start practice.  In the text, she said that we could wear whatever we wanted.  This was very strange.  Was practice cancelled?  Can that really happen?  Well I guess it can because it was!  Good thing we expect the unexpected and are flexible!

Instead of practicing, we all sat in a room in the fitness center and had a team meeting.  During this 3 hour meeting, we talked about what we liked about gymnastics.  Doing this made a lot of us ladies closer to each other because it made us realize that we had a lot more in common than we thought.  We all had to go through the same struggles of club gymnastics. We all had the same dedication and love for gymnastics, and that was what got us to this point in life. 

Knowing these things about each other, made us respect each other so much more as teammates.  We also talked about our relationships with each other, how we should act towards each other both in and out of the gym, and how each girl wants to be treated.  I feel that this meeting was very successful.  It brought us closer to each other.  It also made us realize how much our actions affect each other. 

During this meeting Gretchen told us that we could have Thursday morning off so that we could catch up on sleep and homework.  On Thursday there was a terrible storm in Shreveport.  There were tornados and floods, so our night practice was also cancelled.  Luckily no tornados hit Centenary or Jill's gymnastics.

Unfortunately the storm on Thursday caused our fundraiser on Friday to be cancelled, which we were expecting to make about 800 dollars from.  On Halloween, we worked yet another carnival.  We had to have 20 people work the carnival in order to make money, so lucky for us 5 students from Centenary were willing to help us out! Their help was greatly appreciated!

In celebration of Halloween, we are all going to dress up in our costumes for Sunday practice. 

This past week was great with all of the breaks and bonding! It was much needed.  This next week should be great since we are all rested up and close knit! Stay tuned for next week's GymTalk with my fellow sophie Stephanie Wright.

-Melody Smith