Ladies Gym Talk: Stephanie Wright
Monday, November 9, 2009
Hi everyone! It's Stephanie, and I'm here to tell ya'll about our awesome week at Centenary Gymnastics! I am a sophomore this year and I am loving every bit of it! I would also just like to add that our coach Gretchen is the best thing that could have happened to us this year! She gives 100% everyday to try and make practice more fun and our team closer, which in the end will make us all better gymnasts as well as people. I know I can speak for the whole team when I say, WE LOVE OUR COACH!

Last week Mel ended with telling you that we dressed up for practice in our Halloween costumes. We all thought this would be another fun Sunday practice with some goofy pictures and a crazy fun warm-up. A little before practice we got a text from Gretchen saying to "meet in the fitness center with our running shoes and costumes!" (Once again Gretchen surprising us and trying to make everything a little more fun and spontaneous.) So we get to the fitness center and we have no clue what were doing there in our Halloween costumes! When we saw Gretchen she surprised us again by telling us we were doing a scavenger hunt!! She split us into four teams, gave each of us a paper with the list of items on it, and a disposable camera. We had to complete everything on our list by taking a picture of it with at least 3 people from our group in it, and we had to have the pictures developed and be back by 6. She also told us that the team that won would get morning sprints off!!! So there was definitely an incentive to win (a little extra sleep would make anyone motivated!) Once she set us loose we were running all over the place (looking ridiculous in our costumes I might add) and taking our pictures. Some of the things on the list were: a pinecone, a feather, sing our song in the cafe, make a W with our bodies, finding a firefighter, a police man, some dice, a book of matches, and a napkin with a restaurant's logo on it. My team consisted of me, Whitney Daugherty, Marisa Schneider, and Jessica Lieblich and we definitely take pride in our firefighter picture! We found a fire station and the firemen were more than willing to help us out, they even opened their garage and let us take a picture with their fire truck! Once we were all back we counted up the points and Gretchen declared my team as the wining team!!! We were so excited! Yay for extra sleep in the morning!! After the scavenger hunt, Gretchen told us to follow her (once again surprising us). We took a walk to one of our favorite professor's house, Dr. Henderson! When we walked in everything was set up to make caramel apples!! It was so awesome and they tasted delicious! THANK YOU GRETCHEN AND DR. HENDERSON! Our Sunday practice was definitely an example of our motto: Expect the Unexpected.

As Monday practice rolled around we were all still very excited from our previous night, so practice was extra fun! There was so much cheering and you could really see that our team is closer than ever. Practices kept getting better and better as the week progressed. We were all so supportive! We are starting to do more routines in practice, and getting ready for our intrasquad coming up! Everyone is working extremely hard and sometimes even going out of their comfort zones. By doing this you can see that we are all working to make our team the best it can be! I am personally very excited for this upcoming season! This Sunday, our practice theme was Camo Day!

Thanks for reading!! Come back next week to see what our awesome new freshman Amanda Holt has to say about our week and her experiences so far as a Centenary Lady!

-Stephanie Wright