Ladies Gym Talk: Meg Crowley
Monday, December 14, 2009
Hey Gymtalk fans! As Brittany said last week started out with a bang! Sunday practice we did top 8 intra squad on Beam and Floor. We had to keep doing routines until 7 out of the 8 hit a routine. The beam line up consisted of Alyssa, Brittany, Courtney, Maille, Laura, Lauren, Jessica, and Marisa. We started out strong and with each round we made improvements.

After a couple of routines Jessica dropped out of the line up and Tara jumped into the line up the next round without having even warmed up on the beam. Then Alyssa hurt her foot on her series and Gretchen put me in to replace her. With each round the line up made great corrections and the whole team was staying positive even though we weren't making the assignment.

That night we didn't hit 7 out of 8 routines on beam, but we had some amazing routines. Brittany hit all of her series and made most of her beam routines, Courtney had some amazing standing layouts, Marisa started off rough on her series but by the ended she was nailing them and Maille made some really amazing routines even with her tricky new dance.

Alyssa was super aggressive on beam while she was in the line up, and Jess was solid as usual while she was in the line up. Laura showed why she's the beam queen when she hit multiple solid routines and Lauren worked on taking time to herself before starting her beam routine and her focus showed in her beam routines. After 9 rounds with amazing improvements in each we went to floor.

Maille, Laura, Marisa, Christy, Jessica, Brittany, Amanda, Lauren were the top 8 for floor. They nailed the assignment on the first round!  And as a bonus for having such an awesome workout we didn't have sprints Monday morning!

On Monday we did intra squad again but this time for bars and vault. We had the same assignment of hitting 7 out of 8 routines. The top 8 for bars was Brittany, Makensie, Maille, Courtney, Amanda, Christy, Jessica, and Marisa. Everyone was pumped to knock the assignment out and after only 4 rounds we hit 7 out of the 8 routines! Next we moved to vault and we had Amanda, Marisa, Lauren, Brittany, and Jessica. B

ecause of injuries we only had 5 girls up, so they all had to hit their vaults to make the assignment. They were doing some amazing vaults and after only 3 rounds we were done. They intra squads helped us get pumped for season which is right around the corner and show us where we need improvement.

Tuesday's workout was a recovery and for each event we did individual skills. I was unable to make it to workout for the rest of the week because I was sick, but I heard the team did some amazing skills. Many of the girls with injuries are coming back better than before. The team is working hard every practice getting ready for season to start. Stay tuned for Whitney's update on how things are going after Christmas Break!