Ladies Gym Talk: Whitney Daugherty
Monday, January 4, 2010
Hello Ladies fans and Happy 2010 to all of you! Since the last post by Meg Crowley there have been several new updates! First, after our finals we got to return home to spend the holidays with our families.  We enjoyed quality time at home with our friends and family while staying in shape for our upcoming season.  Several of the girls on the team returned early to watch the Independence Bowl in Shreveport where they thoroughly enjoyed watching the college bowl game!  The entire team returned to Shreveport on December 30th, geared up for practice the next day. 

When we arrived at practice we were all extremely excited to see each other! It was great catching up on all the fun things we each did over break.  The beginning of practice began with a fun game we like to play where each of us shows our own personality through dance.  It is so much FUN and gets us pumped for practice =).  Throughout practice we did our skills showing what we had worked on over the break as well as trying to earn a spot in the lineup for the intra squad the next day.  We ended our practice with a conditioning set with partners.  Although the conditioning was extremely tough, we love getting stronger to make us better this season!  Throughout the week until our team holiday party we are doing secret Santa. It is really fun to find cool treats from another "Secret Lady" on the team! 

The following day at practice was our last practice of 2009!  We were all excited for the surprises Gretchen had in store for us, a practice Intra squad!  It was a team assignment day which means we must work together as a team to complete the assignment.  We started on vault where our team improved each round and then we went to bars.  On bars, our bar team made seven out of eight routines the first round!  Then we went to beam and our "beam queens" worked extremely hard making instant corrections to make their routines better.  We were lucky when Coach Gretchen made a deal with the team which would get us out of floor and team conditioning.  We got to teach one of our teammates in the beam line up a new dismount!  We had fun working together to help her find a dismount that worked for her!  In celebration of the New Year, most of the team went to Olive Garden and enjoyed a lovely pasta dinner together!   

The first practice of 2010 was awesome because Gretchen had individual plans for each member on the team!  She always makes practice so fun and different so we definitely "expect the unexpected" for practice, which is part of our team moto!  To warm up for our conditioning we had an AWESOME obstacle course which had some fun things many of us had never done before!  Great idea Coach!!  And then for conditioning today we did a circuit.  The conditioning required us to keep moving and not only use our muscular strength but our endurance too.  We worked as a team by constantly cheering for each other which allowed our focus to be on one another rather than the tough conditioning!  We sure are learning and growing together as a team!

On Saturday we had crazy sock day and we had a team assignment.  On each event we had a certain time to complete team rounds of different skills.  On each event everyone worked really hard to complete the goal.  It was very exciting to see everyone doing so many great skills in the time allotment!  This was a very fun and exciting practice!   

On Wednesday of this week we found out our teammate Laura would be having knee surgery L  Laura had her surgery on Thursday and she is now in the process of recovering.  In this time of healing and recovering please keep Laura in your thoughts and prayers! We love you Laura!!

Well that is an update on the Ladies! I hope you have enjoyed reading...stay tuned next week for Courtney's updates on our practices and the team party!!! And I hope to see you all at our first HOME MEET on January 16th in the Gold Dome!

Much Love,