Ladies Gym Talk: Makensie Lant
Monday, January 18, 2010
Hey guys,

So over the past couple of weeks you have heard about our practices that we had over the break. And now I'm coming to tell you that all that hard work paid off. We had an AMAZING first meet this past Saturday. Thank you to everybody who came out and cheered for us, we appreciate it so much.

Over this past week, our practices have been challenging. School started back on Monday, which meant back to the routine of morning workouts, classes, practice and study hall. Everyone seemed to get back into the swing of things very easily. It was nice to have that smooth transition before our first meet. In the gym we continued to work hard and prepare our bodies and minds for the meet.  It was a struggle, but Coach Gretchen has continued to lead us down the road of positive attitudes and a hard work ethic. And the whole team knows that as long as we do our best and work as hard as we do in the gym every day, we will be just fine. (And of course to have TONS OF FUN!!!)

We were doing great, and ready for our first meet, when we had another unfortunate mishap. After our teammate and one of my classmates Laura Loy had surgery on her other ACL during Christmas break (she suffered an ACL tear last year as well), we continued to keep positive attitudes and pray that she will make a successful recovery. Then on Thursday before our first meet Senior Courtney Hawkins ruptured her other Achilles (she suffered an Achilles tear last year as well).  We were all heartbroken with these two freak accidents, and wonder why some of these things happen. So Thursday night we had a team meeting, where we talked about what happened, shed some tears of sadness and happiness, and realized everything happens for a reason. We all know we are a strong enough team to fight through anything as long as we have each other.

So on Saturday we did just that, and we had a great time. Our wonderful coach kept pushing us through with positive attitudes and a great outlook on the whole situation. We went out there and did what we were there to do and that was to do our best, be a team, and have lots of FUN! It was such a great atmosphere to be in.  Everyone, including the fans had a great time!

We got Sunday completely off to rest our bodies and get ready for next week. We will also be attending the MLK service day on Monday which will consist of various community service jobs at local schools in Shreveport. Stay tuned to hear about everything that happens next week in and out of the gym, with Tara!  Our next competition is on Saturday the 23rd at Texas Women's University in Denton, Texas.