Ladies Gym Talk: Tara Sandoval
Monday, January 25, 2010
Monday we helped out at the MLK Service Day with other students, faculty and community members! It was a lot of fun! We helped make tote bags and supply boxes for 1st graders to prepare them for the LEAP test at Stoner Elementary.  We were all ready to work out when we got a text message from Gretchen saying she was giving us the day off to rest after community service! 

It was nice and made us all anxious to get in the gym to work on what we had on our minds after we competed in our first meet!After showcasing all of our hard work during the pre season at our first competition at home, we were able to pinpoint some of the things we still want to work on.  So the week came and it was time to get down to work since we had a meet this weekend against TWU once again, but in their hometown of Denton, TX.  We ran routines and skills and really tried to focus on what we could improve to take our gymnastics to the next level.  And we did just that. 

We competed against Texas Woman's University and had a great meet! There were a lot of fans supporting us, which always keeps us so grateful.  I've realized that each meet so far we learn something new. This meet we learned how to focus on the things we have instead of what we don't.  We overcame things that others might consider obstacles.  This meet we only traveled 10 girls which is something we were not used to; however some of our teammates were still able to travel to Denton to be by our sides, which was amazing.  We also learned that we can get through pretty much anything.  Not having your whole team there beside you is a big change, but we learned how to adjust.  We relied on each other.  We focused on what we did have.  We screamed louder and focused harder on one another.  We realize there's nothing like having your whole team beside you screaming their hearts out for you, therefore were all looking forward to being back in the 'Dome on February 5th and February 12th!  It's going to be loud!

Now that the time has come to compete and put all of our hard work into action, I'm able to see the changes in one another.  We have so many unique characters on our team yet we are one in the same. We've been together so much this season and I wouldn't change it.  We have so much fun when we're altogether.  Something that Gretchen reminds us all the time is that we are contagious to one another, and that we are a really funny team. 

Before I go, I want to share some things about our freshman; how they've grown from the first day till now. 

Christy: The first day I saw this girl workout I thought, "Whoa! This girl has power!" and I was right!  At times I feel like her hardest skill of the day is learning how to control her power. Wouldn't that be nice! She's a reserved powerhouse who is living her dream and I'm so thankful she is on our team.  I suggest you keep your eye on her at meets because her subtle attitude wouldn't let it be known how talented she is! And boy is she talented!

Brittany: This girl is unique in all ways! Her cute dialect and gymnastics style makes her who she is to me.  She's not afraid to be goofy in and out of the gym, which in the end is contagious to us and before I know it were all acting goofy.  She has a different style of gymnastics that you don't usually see in the gymnastics world.  She worked real hard during the preseason and once she gets over her little illness she'll be able to show everyone who's been waiting to see what she can do. I have no doubt she will be unstoppable once she's healthy again.

Amanda: She is a definite asset to our team.  Even though many times throughout the day I can't understand her northern accent, I wouldn't trade her for the world.  She's a girl who can and does start us out strong and ends strong. We can count on her to have a great attitude and do great gymnastics.

Meg: I would have never thought she was coming back from a surgery.  You can't tell because she works her butt off at everything she can.  From having a great attitude to having a great work ethic, I look up to Meg.  When her mind is set on something, she will do it.  She has already impressed us all so much, yet I have no doubt that it will ever slow down.  She's like the energizer bunny, honestly.  And I wouldn't have it any other way because she's keeps us going too.

Jess: If you met Jess at the beginning of the year you would know two things for sure: she's quiet and extremely talented.  She is a girl who can do so much!  When this girl hits her skills, I feel like rolling a red carpet for her to walk off the event.  She is not only so talented in and out of the gym but she has such a good heart.  She is opening up and we love it.  From doing team prayers to confiding in us to help her, she is a great person.  I couldn't imagine not having her on our team.

All of our freshman have impressed us so much and have proved to be great assets to our team not only for their gymnastics skills but their personalities as well.  They are all such great LADIES and I am so thankful they are with us.  It's really a great time to be a LADY GYMNAST!  Don't forget to come to the Party at the 'Dome on Feb. 5 and 12 at 7PM where we showcase all of our hard work!  Thanks for reading!

-Tara Sandoval-