Ladies Gym Talk: Maille Vetros
Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey everyone,

This week was a perfect example of "expect the unexpected".  Monday we had off so our bodies could have a short rest from our double meet weekend and Tuesday we started up our prestigious schedule.  We had morning weights which began with some stadiums to warm us up and then some intense lifting which made us all leave feeling very good!  Tuesday night's practice was fun and somewhat different.  We decided to work on new skills and/or add skills we already have to our routines to increase our start values.  We did this on bars and floor.  It was really exciting to see some of the girls working on new tricks.  Wednesday morning sprints were cancelled because Coach Gretchen was not feeling well and unfortunately she got sicker as the day progressed which led her to be in need of some rest.  We are extremely lucky to have a family at Jill's Gymnastics that cares so much about us.  Chris, who is one of the owners and head coaches of Jill's offered to stay and guide us through practice which was super nice of him!  Practice was very productive.  We all pulled together and worked extra hard with each other in order to fulfill the missing piece of Gretchen.

Thursday was a crazy day in Shreveport, Louisiana.  The weather here is extremely confusing and you never know what it's going to be like when you walk outside.  Anyways, it was snowing here and when we got to practice Thursday afternoon we were informed that the girls from University of Missouri were unable to fly out due to the weather.  Therefore our meet that was supposed to happen on Friday was postponed until Sunday.  This news was definitely unexpected but everything happens for a reason and we take great pride in being flexible.  By the end of Thursday's practice we found out that campus would be shut down Friday, meaning all classes cancelled due to the snow.  Everyone was excited we would be having a "Snow Day" to start off our Mardi Gras break.

Friday morning we woke up to white snow covering everything and got ready for practice.  Some of the girls don't get to see snow too much so they always get super excited when they get the opportunity to see it.  Practice went well and finished with the delegating of cooking meals.  As I said before, this next week is our Mardi Gras break so we have no school.  Each class is in charge of making different dinners each night of the week.  It's pretty cool because we make really good food and all get to sit and eat together, like a family!  Thursday the freshman made baked chicken and Friday the sophomores made spaghetti! 

Saturday night we all met at the Gold Dome to set up the equipment for our meet.  Although it was late, we worked really hard and had some awesome helpers which consisted of parents, other coaches, and facility workers.  We got set up in record time and got home just in time to get a good night's sleep for our meet.    Sunday's meet is our first annual "THiNK PiNK" meet, which will have donation stations and awareness information regarding breast cancer set up.  We are working with the same people from the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" and are hoping to get a great crowd together to support breast cancer awareness and the Centenary Ladies! 

You can find out how the meet goes by staying tuned to next week's GymTalk writer!  Have a great week!!

Yours Truly,