Ladies Gym Talk: Lauren Carlton
Sunday, February 28, 2010
Hey Everyone!

We got off to a relaxing start this week by doing some Yoga led by Margaret Jordan Monday morning instead of our usual Monday morning sprints. 

At practice Monday afternoon we did some drills on beam and floor, since our next meet isn't till March 12 we have some time to work on some of our basics to help improve our routines. 

Tuesday morning at weights Gretchen made it extra challenging for us by having us do a round of stadiums after each lifting exercise we did.  Again since we don't have another meet for a few weeks, our morning conditioning can be a bit tougher.  At practice Tuesday we got to work drills on bars and vault since we did not get to those events on Monday. 

Wednesday morning the team had to pull together to get through our sprinting workout, it was tough, but together we pushed each other to reach our goal of getting five sprints done as a team in a certain amount of time. 

We were suppose to also have practice Wednesday night but Gretchen thought it would be more beneficial for us to have a team meeting to go over a few things to help us keep pushing ourselves through to the end of the season and stay positive!

We discussed many things in the meeting that should help us do just that! The meeting lasted pretty late so in order to get more sleep we did not have to wake up early for weights the following morning, but instead we just had to make sure we got them done sometime throughout the day. 

We did not have a whole lot of time to practice on Thursday so practice was short and sweet! Our assignment was three of each skill on each event, so the team spread out and got everything done in less than two hours!

Everyone worked very hard and I feel like it was a very productive practice for just a short amount of time.  Gretchen generously gave us the weekend off so we can rest up for next week's practices and prepare for our meet against Southeast Missouri on March12!