Ladies Gym Talk: Melody Smith
Sunday, March 7, 2010
Hello fans! Welcome back to another exciting review of the Ladies Gymnastics weekly activities!  My name is Melody Smith and I am a sophomore on the best team in the world!  This past week was completely booked with unique extravaganzas.  We did not have one day without something new, unexpected, and fun!  Our conditioning this week consisted of a new dimension of sprinting in which we changed up our normal parallel sprints and ran diagonal down the basketball court one gymnast at a time until we reached a goal of 130 sprints!  We then split into groups of threes and had relay races that were almost too silly to take seriously.  I don't know about you, but watching gymnasts "bear crawl and wheelbarrow" across a basketball court is hilarious, especially when they are in it for the win.

Practices went great this week; however they were completely different from anything we have ever done before!  Coach Gretchen is so creative!  She showed up to practice with a hand-drawn CandyLand board game in which we called "CandyLand Gymnastics".  Each gymnast had their own name piece and instead of using a dice, we negotiated with cut up pieces of paper that had numbers 1 through 4 on them.  Each gymnast would flip over a number piece and move their name however many slots on the board.  The board consisted of assignments such as; dance offs (which surprisingly Whitney dominated in), team cheer, hit 1 flight on beam, hit 1 half on floor, balance on 1 leg on beam and bounce a tennis ball on a racket, and SO much more!  The object of the game was to finish your specific station before picking another number.  Whoever finished the board first was the winner, which happened to be Marisa, who won a Centenary Gymnastics work out tank top! CONGRATS MARISA!

Just when we think we have had all the fun we could possibly have, Gretchen throws something new at us!  We finished the week off by playing a game of Guesstures at the gym and using teamwork in a different way than gymnastics.  We also got the experience to watch our brother team (Gents Baseball) play Gonzaga on Friday night.  The whole team was there to cheer on the baseball boys during their win.  Senior Whitney Daugherty led most of the cheers and also got the crowd to join in on the wave which pumped up everyone to cheer even louder!  I think our cheering motivated the Gents because they went into extra innings and won in the 10th inning!  The game was so much fun and it was really incredible to be able to experience another team's win with my own team!

Next week we are looking forward to hosting a handful of recruits and showing them what Centenary is all about!  We are also so ready and SO excited to get back into competing.  We will be traveling to Missouri to compete against SEMO and can't wait to show off all of the improvements and hard work that we have been accomplishing in the gym!  Hope all of our readers have a GREAT week!  GO LADIES!

-Melody Smith