Ladies Gym Talk: Juniors
Monday, April 26, 2010
Hey there Ladies Gymnastics fans.  It's your junior class (soon to be SENiORS!) Makensie, Maille, Tara, Marisa and Laura and we are here to tell you all about the great times we have had this week!! First of all we are all so excited because this will be our last write up as juniors!!! We can't believe it's already been 3 years, it's gone by so fast!  We all made our class schedules this week for our SENIOR year so that was extremely exciting / kind of scary!  

So even though our season is now over, we were so inspired to get back into the gym and work our tails off because we're "In it to Win it" baby!! We had some awesome morning workouts which were very unique from what we normally do.  One day we ran 5 ½ miles outside around campus which was an unbelievable accomplishment for all of us!  We left everyday knowing that we gave it our all and we are getting stronger every day so we can come back in August ready to rock and roll!

Thursday night we went into the gym to do some playing around and it was amazing! We incorporated conditioning in with the actual gymnastics part, starting with our amazing KIP COMPLEX which entailed a series of 30 kips at one time!!! Everyone loves KC! It was so incredible to see everyone giving all of their effort and having fun while doing it.  We also had a lot of girls trying and succeeding at new and different things. Makensie and Tara even tumbled on the floor for the first time in a long time!!  It was great to see their bodies flipping around!  Basically, our family ROCKS! 

 As the weekend approached we got ready to have a great time, starting with Whitney's bachelorette party hosted by Maille, Makensie and Tara (the best roommates EVER!) We had been counting down the days until we could finally celebrate with her. Our anxious waiting definitely paid off. Our WHOLE team went out to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse, and Whitney rocked out in some HOT PINK pants. After dinner we went back to one of the dorm rooms, ate some cake and had her open all of her presents which were totally awesome and fit her cute personality so well, and then we played some great music and games. We all had a blast!!

Saturday the Centenary Gymnastics team hosted a "mini camp" at Jill's Gymnastics. There were obstacle courses and scavenger hunts and rotations for each gymnastics event, even the pit and trampoline. We had so much fun teaching and playing with the kids, it was a great way to spend a fantastic Saturday afternoon. The camp ended with the Centenary Ladies ritual dance to the Cupid Shuffle, which we do at the end of all of our home meets, so we just had to do it at the mini camp as well! We had so many great kids show up, work hard, and best of all everyone had tons of FUN!

To finish up our weekend we had our end of the year team meeting, it was a bittersweet feeling for most of us because we were all so excited to talk about everything we have accomplished this year and remind ourselves about how much we have succeeded, but it was also the last team meeting we had with our incredible seniors. Both Courtney and Whitney are such amazing and inspiring women; we all know that they will be great at whatever they do in their futures.  We will miss them so much, but no matter where we are we will always have our sisters to fall back on. Good luck seniors, we love you!

Stay tuned next week for the second to last GymTalk of this season, brought to you by our Sophomores (soon to be Juniors!!!)

The Juniors