Gym Talk: Cassie Warden
Monday, March 28, 2011
Good morning, America! Freshman, Cassie Warden, here once again to tell you all about this past week! Gretchen gave us Monday and Tuesday off from practices to rest our bodies and catch up on some schoolwork! During our mini "vacation", we learned that our very own sophomore, Jessica Lieblich, is going to compete at the NCAA Regionals on April 2! The whole team is super excited for her and this wonderful opportunity she has earned.

Although the Ladies enjoyed our small break, we were eager to get back into the gym and train for Nationals! You can feel the excitement coming from everyone, especially when the rest of the team was describing the experience and rules of Nationals to the freshmen.

This week, our practices varied from basic tumbling on floor and cast handstand sets on bars to concentrating on all the minor details of our routines. Thursday, we had a very special practice! Since it was Jessica Lieblich's birthday, Gretchen let her create the assignment for practice that day! Jessica decided to divide the team into two groups and have each group compete against each other. You gained points for your team for every hit or made skill but lost points if you fell. It was so fun and awesome to see each team gain so many points!

Finally, we decided that this upcoming week will be our mock Nationals! It will be quite exciting because our equipment will be set up in the Gold Dome, and we will be practicing there this week in preparation for Nationals! The first day of Nationals (April 8th!) is getting closer and closer, and the Ladies are ready to rock it out! This is Cassie Warden signing off. Sayonara!