Gym Talk: Ladies Freshmen
Monday, April 4, 2011
Hola Fellow Centenary Ladies Gymnastics Fans,

The freshmen are here to tell you what is up! This week was a very packed week for the Ladies. First off, we set up our OWN equipment in the Gold Dome to get ready for our Mock Nationals. Monday and Tuesday we did the majority of our practices at Jill's Gymnastics and then finished up on floor and beam in the Gold Dome.

Wednesday was the kick off of our Mock Nationals. Warm-ups started out slow, but Gretchen pulled us together and the Ladies picked it up as usual. It was great to see how many fans showed up. We started on vault, and we taught our fans our signature AH-OOSH cheer on vault. Then we moved on to bars, we got our fans to sit on the floor for front row seats. As our BAR STARS were warming up, the rest of the team taught and interacted with our fans. Beam was next, and as the BEAM QUEENS were warming up, Gretchen told the rest of the team to be crazy and silly to prepare the BEAM QUEENS for the loud commotion that will be at nationals. They handled this very well, and didn't count any falls. Then the FLOOR ROARS were ready to tear it up!! We spread out throughout the Gold Dome to cheer our FLOOR ROARS on, and they rocked it out like usual! 

On Thursday we rocked it out just like we did on Wednesday. With so many Centenary activities happening at the same time, we didn't have as many supporters as Wednesday, but we still had some true fans in the stands cheering us on. After Mock Nationals we had a team meeting, to discuss our Easter Recess Camp that we will host Easter weekend on the 22nd and the 23rd of April. We decided to have the camp in our very own Gold Dome with our very own equipment. If you are interested in some fun with your Ladies in the Gold Dome contact Gretchen. The deadline for registration is April 15th.  

After our meeting it was time to say goodbye to Jessica and wish her luck at her NCAA Regional competition. She and Gretchen left at 6:00 am Friday morning. Later that day the rest of the team took down our equipment with the help of our Centenary Swimmers. We sure do appreciate them and all their support! We got two days off to relax and prepare our bodies for Nationals on April 8th in Colorado Springs. 

This is our last time signing off as Freshmen. We will see you next year as Sophomores!

Adios from Tawnee, Cassie, Robyn, Ciara, and Christine!!