Ladies Gym Talk: Makensie Lant
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Hey there fans!!!!!

Just wanted to update everyone on how awesome the Ladies are doing! And how we can't wait to start back with school and gym!!! The team has been doing very well at keeping in touch with one another over these summer months, thank goodness for technology.

The Ladies have had a fantastic summer!! Everyone is learning new skills, getting to go on vacations with family and friends, but I tell you what there is nothing like OUR family of a mom and 15 sisters!! We are so excited to have Christine Langston and Robyn Price added to our family. We all know they will be great assets to our team. Along with their incredible gymnastics talents, their amazing personalities and their desire to become the best that they can be, there is no question in our minds that they won't fit right in!! Welcome to the family girls!!!

In other news, the first week of practice should be VERY exciting. Not only will it be a great way to reunite with everyone and learn more about our new freshman, but also at our end of the year meeting as a team we decided to come up with a plan for the first day of practice! This plan will show us who worked the hardest this summer!! Although, I don't think any of us are worried about our plan, because we all know that each day Lady gymnasts give it all they have, in and out of season!!!

We will let you know all about that first day and first whole week of practice in a couple of weeks when we go back to Shreveport, La; home of the Centenary Ladies!!!!

-Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer!!

          Makensie Lant