"Front & Center" w/ Candace Rushing
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beating Texas College and Millsaps were important wins for us last weekend. We were eager to continue our winning ways in Mississippi, however this past weekend panned out differently than we had hoped for. After winning two of three games last week against good teams, we dropped two this weekend to two beatable teams. Although both Mississippi Valley State University and Jackson State had athleticism, speed, and strength in numbers, my team walked off of both fields with our heads down, knowing we were better than what we had performed.

Friday night at Mississippi Valley started off a little later than we are used to. With trainers and referees running behind, our warm up was cut short and we were pushed onto the field slightly unprepared. Fortunately, however, we started off very well against a decent MVSU team. The first 35 minutes of the first half we showed our best soccer so far this season. Staying cohesive, finding feet, and using the width of the field, my team looked unstoppable. Unfortunately, 35 minutes of spectacular play was not enough.

Early on in the first half we received a call resulting in a free kick just inches from the eighteen yard box that I put on frame. The shot bounced over the goal line forcing the opposing keeper to reach into her own goal and pull the ball out. I began to jog to the center circle for a kick-off until I realized the goal was not counted. I looked to the assistant referee and noticed why not. Instead of being on the goal line, he was out of position and unable to make the call. The center referee did not credit us with a goal either so play continued.

After that chance and a few more shots on frame from Kortney Causey, Holden Penney, Kelly Fossard, Laura Immenschuh, Destiny Skinner, and me, a drop in tempo on our side and the opposite effect on Valley's side took place. With one goal scored against us in the first half and one in the second, we could not find a way to pull our way out of the deficit. When the final whistle sounded the score was finalized at 2-0 Valley.

Friday evening and Saturday were full of reflection, rest, and study time. Saturday morning we had a jog and stretch that gave us time to reflect on what went wrong Friday night. We recognized our faults and were ready to take on Jackson State the following day.

Sunday morning arrived; at 10:30 we loaded up to travel the hour and a half from Greenwood to Jackson. Another case of tardiness from the trainers for the second game in a row hurt us this time around. The game time was pushed back until we were ready, however mentally my team was not prepared. Although Jackson State is a competitor for the number one seed in the SWAC, a Division I conference, we could hang with them.

Unfortunately, chance after chance of ours could not find the back of the net. Although the beginning of the game was full of possession on our opponent's half, our final third play was not consistent. While getting thrown around physically from a big Jackson team, they were the ones who tallied the goals. Even though our chances were more dangerous, Jackson proved better in the final third, finding the back of our net four times to our zero.

This weekend was like none I have ever experienced at Centenary. Although a lot seemed to go against us, bringing us difficulties, we have taken accountability for our mistakes including lack of consistency, unforced errors, and an absence of cohesion. With conference just around the corner, we are ready to work this week in practice.

Saturday, the 2nd of October brings us our first conference game against Oral Roberts. Come out and cheer us on to victory starting with a 1:00 P.M. kick-off. Wrapping up my blog this week is Sara McGlasson, one of my new teammates. She is quiet at first, but not for long once you get to know her. See what makes Sara special below.

Sara McGlasson- Freshman/Ida, Louisiana
CR: Life these days...
SM: Is busy, and no where near how I thought it would be.

CR: A TV show you can't miss...
SM: "Big Brother"!

CR: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
SM: Teaching, married, and living in North Carolina.

CR: Favorite movie?
SM: Remember Me

CR: Dream vacation...
SM: Spring break in Atlantis

CR: A place you hope to visit one day...
SM: Coney Island

CR: You would definitely sing ____ at karaoke night
SM: "All Star" - Smashmouth

CR: Laughing is...
SM: Medicine to the soul.

CR: If you could be one place right now, where would it be?
SM: Christmas.

CR: What is something that you cannot travel without?
SM: My toothbrush

CR: What is something that most don't know about you?
SM: I played keeper in 2 soccer games with a broken pinkie.

CR: On road trips...
SM: I love to be with the Andersons and Wilson!

CR: When you need to laugh the hardest, you turn to...
SM: Kyle

CR: Something you fear most in life?
SM: June bugs!

CR: If you could be the star in any musical, what would it be?
SM: Sandy- Grease

-Candace Rushing