Gym Talk: Brittany Adams
Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Hey everyone it's Brittany! I am officially a sophomore this year! And I can't wait to tell you what we did this past week...

Bake Sale! Come get some goodies to fill your tummies!! All a dollar or less! Our first sales event for the year was a scrumptious bake sale. We gave our best selling skills to get people to buy our cookies, oreo balls-our best seller-puppy chow, and cupcakes. The items were all so delicious! By the end of our bake sale we sold everything except for just a couple of bags of cookies. I think that shows something; our baking skills are to die for.

During the past week we also did activities in the community by working at some carnivals. At the two carnivals we got to help with the huge inflatable jump games including slides, basketball and baseball, dunk tank, and of course the typical jump rooms!  It's great to be out in the community participating in the excitement the kids have over these games!  I might have to agree that they are lots of fun because at the end of the first carnival we did on Monday I had to give one a try myself.  I came off laughing and, plainly, enjoying myself!  

On Friday, we had some prospective students come and check out the school and the team.  They both drove in from Georgia, and maybe, those girls will end up replacing the couple of senior Georgia girls that we will be losing at the end of this year.  Hanging out with the recruits on Friday night was a blast as always because it meant time for the whole team to come together and relax and enjoy each other as people! We even took the prospective students down to a couple of fraternity houses just so they would know what it is like down there. I really hope they enjoyed themselves!

Paints on stomachs, loud cheering, having some fun, and supporting our boys soccer team is what we did Saturday night! We all stood right up front giving the most support we could to help our boys out. Sadly, they did not win, but they kept up a good fight. I could see them pushing hard and giving it all they had. Maybe this next Saturday they will win! I sure hope so!

In the end, this was a quite an eventful week, and we have another eventful one coming up. It will be exciting to see how strong each individual is, which means how strong our team is.I hope everyone had a wonderful week, got to watch some football on the weekend, and has a great week ahead of them!