"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Hello Centenary supporters.  My name is Kristen Davis and I'm the head coach of the women's basketball team.  I've been an assistant for the past two years at Centenary and I'm excited to take on my new role as head coach this year.  A blog will be posted each Wednesday giving you updates and stories about your Centenary Ladies basketball team.

Thank goodness... basketball season has arrived!  We had our first official practice on Friday, October 15th.  While most of the students were enjoying their fall break time off, we were up early and ready to work.  Everyone came excited and ready to get started.  Unfortunately, we had to start practice without our senior post player, Anne Farrell.  Anne had to go home to Tulsa for a few days to take care of her grandmother.   With Anne gone for a few practices, we did have others step up as vocal leaders, and that was really great to see.

Friday's practice was filled with many good and many not so good things.  On a positive note, the players were working hard and very receptive to receiving criticism and helping each other correct mistakes. 

Saturday and Sunday practices went much better.  Saturday's first practice started off very interesting.  We walk into the fitness center and carpet and chairs were all over our basketball court.  Rather than not having practice, we added carpet pulling and table moving to our warm-up.  Ne-Ne, Vashni, and Jalena were by far the best carpet and table movers. 

During Monday's practice, the players looked like they were finally starting to understand and feel comfortable running their new offense.  We still have a long way to go in recognizing the options and reading the defense, but the flow of the offense was much improved. 

On Tuesday, we finally started attacking the boards more on both offense and defense.  The players started pushing each other much more in an effort to annoy each other and make the team that much better.  Wednesday is our much needed day off to rest, get treatment, and get in extra studying.

We've had some bumps, bruises, and even some missing teeth to start off the year.  Each player is working hard, and I'm excited about how we'll improve over the next couple of weeks.

We always have a daily quote to think about on our practice plans.  So I thought I'd end each blog with a quote to think about during the week.  Hope you enjoy.

"You can have all the talent in the world, but if you're not interested in making full use of that talent, victory is unlikely." - George Mikan

-Coach K