"Tearing Down the Net" w/ Tate McIntyre
Monday, October 25, 2010
Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by this week.

With only three conference games left to play, this past weekend's game against IUPUI in Indianapolis had huge implications on whether or not we would be able to make it to the post season. Usually, Summit League teams are able to clinch a spot in the conference tournament by attaining nine points during league play, and if we were able to get at least a draw against the Jaguars, we would be right on target for nine points.

The journey began early Thursday morning. At about six o'clock in the morning we all met at the locker room, bags packed, and ready to embark on the 16 hour journey toward Indianapolis. Needless to say the first few hours of the trip were very quiet, as everyone was catching up on sleep. After stopping for a meal six hours or so into the trip the group became livelier and began the normal routine of watching movies, doing homework, irritating one another, etc.

We stopped for dinner at about eight o'clock and arrived at the hotel shortly after. Everyone dispersed to their rooms and spent the remainder of the night there. We got up in the morning at about 8:30 for breakfast and then proceeded to our practice site. The field was extremely muddy, which inhibited our ability to get a solid practice in, not to mention the constant turning on of the sprinklers during our drills. With practice out of the way, we had a few hours of free time before our dinner during which most of us slept but some chose to take care of homework or watch TV. We ate in downtown Indianapolis, which is now one of my new favorite cities. The scenery combined with the busy streets made it a cool place to be. After dinner it was back to the hotel, where the majority of the team watched the Rangers clinch a spot in the World Series, sending us off to bed on a good note.

We awoke the next morning and were out of the hotel by 10am. After a late breakfast, we headed toward IUPUI's campus to begin preparation for the game. The weather was very cooperative: about 70 degrees, mostly cloudy, with a small amount of precipitation. We had a nice individual warm up and team warm up, but that is pretty much where the positives ended for us.

The game against IUPUI just seemed to be one of the games where nothing goes right. We could not keep possession of the ball, we did not work together, and at some points it looked as if some individuals did not even want to be on the field. The first half was a pretty even affair for the most part, with both teams creating some chances. Just when it looked like we would head into half time tied at zero, the Jaguars crossed the ball across the face of our goal to what looked like an offside player, who put the ball in the net. Despite our protests, the goal stood and we headed into half time on a sour note.

The second half was more of the same, with us struggling to keep possession partly due to a lack of teamwork, and partly to do with the atrocious field which IUPUI calls home. Regardless, shortly after half time we once again let a player run unmarked across our goal box and he stooped to easily head home a cross from a teammate. We were forced to send more players into the attack and IUPUI was able to score another goal before the end of the game.

Extremely disappointed about the effort in the game, and a little angry that our season is very likely to include no postseason play because of that poor effort, we left for home. We arrived around five in the morning.

This week, I would like to give a shout out to our bus driver who managed to get us everywhere on time.

Thanks again for reading.