"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Hello everyone.  We've had about two weeks of practice and I'm sure I can speak for the team, even though we still have a lot of work to do, we're ready for the season to get here.  We'll get a small taste this Saturday.  We have a scrimmage just down the road against Northwestern State.  Due to NCAA rules, scrimmages must remain closed to the general public. Everyone will have an opportunity to step on the court and show how they can help the team.  I know we'll have many mistakes, as all scrimmages do, but I expect everyone to support one another and play hard the entire time.  We should never let a team out work us.  Having this scrimmage will allow us to see where we've improved, as well as, areas we need to focus on more in practice.

Saturday will also be the first time our freshmen get to experience what kind of competition they can expect to see throughout the season.  We have four new freshmen this year:  Kendra Rice, Tandrea Shamblin, Sam Lynch, and Kat Vidovic.  Each one of them works extremely hard everyday in practice, and I have already seen a tremendous amount of improvement from each one of them.  Kendra is a quick point guard and does a great job finding her teammates for an open shot.  Tandrea is a strong post that can also step out and hit a nice jumper.  Sam is a tough guard for us who isn't afraid to crash the boards.  And Kat is a lefty with a nice outside shot and she also has ability to drive and finish.  I know they'll all have the usual nerves on Saturday, but I'm excited to see how our freshmen react to finally getting to compete against someone besides their teammates.

I mentioned last week that we've had bumps, bruises, and even some missing teeth.  This week I unfortunately have to add dislocated jaw to that list.  We are definitely keeping our athletic trainer, Mike, busy.  And we are very grateful for all the hard work he does for our team, as well as all the other athletic teams.

Lastly I'll leave you with the quote to think about this week.  The following quote is from John Wooden, one of the most influential coaches not just in basketball, but in all sports.

"People usually know what they should do to get what they want.  They just won't do it.  They won't pay the price." 

-Coach K