"Full Court Press" w/ Coach K
Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Hello everyone.  This was an exciting week for our women's basketball team.  We finally got to compete against someone besides ourselves.  We had a scrimmage at NSU on Saturday.  I have to admit, I was definitely a little worried before our scrimmage.  We had a rough practice on Thursday and an average practice on Friday.  Good or not so good practices, the day of the scrimmage had arrived. We only had nine players for the scrimmage.  Sam was still out while her jaw is healing, and Anne had to go back home to Tulsa. 

I was very excited about our performance on Saturday.  We had the typical scrimmage nerves, but once we calmed down, we started to execute our offense and did pretty well for only having two weeks of practice.  We still need to improve on hitting our open jumpers, but we were recognizing many of the options we've been working on in practice and the girls even starting playing out of the offense and creating other shots.

Defensively, we had good intensity and created a few fast break opportunities for ourselves.  We had the usual first scrimmage rotation mistakes, as I expected, but the girls recognized what they did wrong and we're able to make adjustments.

Overall, I feel we did a good job at the scrimmage and we're ready to start adding more concepts defensively and more sets and options offensively.

We came back on Sunday and had a short practice day.  We did a lot of shooting and went over our offensive sets.  Monday's practice was one of our best practices in a long time.  Everyone worked extremely hard and pushed each other to get better.

We'll take Wednesday off and then we have practice Thursday and Friday before another scrimmage on Saturday.

This week's quote was shared with me by Lyndzee Greene, former NSU women's basketball player.

"Sometimes you need to be the fruit loop in a box of cheerios...."

-Coach K