Gym Talk: Makensie Lant
Sunday, November 7, 2010
This semester is flying by.  Christmas is around the corner and the Ladies gymnastics team is in the mood for giving!!  This past weekend was filled with giving back to our community; and in return, bright shining faces smiling back at us. The greatest gift of all is giving back to others.

The Ladies started off the weekend by helping out at a Halloween carnival. It was a great time with great people, great food and fun filled air bounces from Duvall's and of course the Centenary Gymnasts!

We were there to make sure that the children had fun while not hurt themselves on the air bounces. The smell of pumpkins and spice and hearing their laughter in the air gives you so much energy and makes you want to be a kid again!!  It's amazing how awesome you feel when you leave a place like that and you just made peoples night. 

Saturday morning the Ladies were up at 6 am to help set up for the Pumpkin Run at the Gold Dome. This run is held every year as a fundraiser and awareness for Cancer.  We filled water cups and handed them out during the race, we also stood and cheered the runners on while making sure they were running in the right direction.

After the race we hung out for a bit and watched the costume contest and then helped put away all of the tables and set ups.  It was a very cold morning, but as every Centenary Gymnast does, we make the best out of any opportunity that comes our way and we had a blast!

Sunday is a day of worship and that is just what the Ladies did. Methodist Madness was held at the Gold Dome, and the Ladies showed up carrying panel mats and wearing bright smiles. We were so excited to be involved in such an awesome event. Little kids lined up right and left to learn some neat skills and all about gymnastics, the Ladies also did some flipping around of our own.

We also had some of the faculty and staff from Centenary get in line to show us their awesome moves!! The Ladies felt as though we fit right in at Methodist Madness, people giving back to their community and being able to worship at the same time, it was an amazing experience.

Keep up with the Ladies with next week's gym talk. Season's almost here and we can already taste the SUCCESS!!!

-Makensie Lant, Senior