Gym Talk: Christy Martinez
Monday, November 8, 2010
Hello Centenary gym fans! My name is Christy Martinez and I am a sophomore this year, bringing you this week's gym talk.

We started out this week with a Halloween present from our coach: a day off! We used this day to be able to prepare for the upcoming week, study, and catch up on sleep.

On Wednesday, six of the Ladies attended the school's Career Network Etiquette Dinner. It was fun to be able to dress in business professional attire. It began with a "mocktail" reception with hors d'oeuvres and sparkling cider. Teri Haynes provided us with instruction throughout the event and taught the students the correct way to mingle during the reception. We were able to talk to with many alumni who attended the event and learn how they became successful in their profession after they attended Centenary. The four-course dinner was next which also included instruction from Teri Haynes. This was a great way to show support for our school! Don't forget to look at the pictures attached of some of the Ladies dressed professionally!

This weekend we had a couple more recruits come visit the school and get to know the team! They had the chance to see us practice, condition, and see what a great family we are! We then took them to the volleyball game, which happened to be their senior night! It's so awesome to be able to support our fellow athletes and help support the seniors! 

Saturday our teammate, Ciara, who will be joining us in January, surprised us and came to visit! A few of the girls went to dinner with her at Strawn's then we all went to support the volleyball game together. The ladies gymnastics team had another fun-filled week!